Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to preach at Henry and Meghan's Wedding


Oh, I never said I have a say in it. But I do have the right to comment on it. I’m sure you don’t limit your comments to only things you have a say in. In fact your last comment was proof of that.


I have a total say in calling out disgusting posts when I read them. Your remark, not to mention your train of thought, is offensive. I would call you a racist and a bigot based on what you wrote, except I don’t know you so I won’t do that. Your remark, however was completely racist and bigotted. If you don’t understand that, then hopefully you do understand the word “disgusting”. It was that, too.


And this is what I think of your opinion, ‘’.


Or even that dread sub-species of piffle, complete tosh. Rarely have I seen someone try so hard to make something out of nothing as with this whole, “‘Bishop Curry’ preaching at the Royal wedding is possibly racist” posts.


Nearest you can get to that sort of stuff in the UK is the fire and brimstone preaching you still get in some quarters in Northern Ireland. Considering how much of the tent revival and Baptist preaching centred around areas of America where had been a lot of immigration by Ulster Protestants and where their descendants lived the similarities are not surprising. One of my favourites for this was the late great Ian Paisley, I actually saw him in action in reality and whilst the anti-Catholic bigotry was unamusing he certainly could get an audience going. For lengthy services nothing beats the 4 hours long Divine Liturgy I attended once in Russia, at this point my Russian was flaky and by the end of it I was thinking I want to sit down please!


Ah, the piquant irony…


I knew Ian Paisley was going to turn up there.


How about in the Pentecostal movement, which I’m told continues to grow in Britain? That’s a genuine question, because I’ve never been in a Pentecostal church, but in my imagination this is the sort of preaching (though possibly warmed up a bit) that they employ.


Some of the African Churches tend to produce very forceful preachers but that really depends on the Church and many of those are what you call store front Churches in the US and each Church is effectively it’s own organization.

I liked the priest we had in my late teens who aimed to make sermons short but forceful. I can still recall many of them several decades later. The same approach is used by my present parish priest. The worst ones were by the priest we had at secondary school although in other respects he was a fantastic priest. Unfortunately he had a tendency to ramble and a very strong Polish accent.


He was actually fairly well mannered and softly spoken when not assuming the professional persona of a firebrand preacher. I met him on a couple of occasions. A much more complex man than the caricature seen in the media. Would have been er, interesting seeing him preach at a Royal Wedding though.


That image will be a long time vacating my mind.


1 million likes!


Haha! Y’all called it exactly right! :rofl:


Les mots justes, vraiment.


Did you all see Bishop Curry on The View this morning? It was really a nice interview. In it, he mentioned that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s office called him to issue the invitation, but also said he wasn’t certain whose idea it was originally.


I’ve been reading a lot of comments on articles from British websites with tons of people complaining about his sermon because it wasn’t British enough.


People are just weird. I liked it’s lack of “Britishness”.


Well… he isn’t British! What did people expect? Honestly!


She isn’t a British citizen yet although it is has been reported in the press that she intends to become one in the future. It takes a while (three years residency if you’re married to a British citizen) and even a Duchess has to go through the due process!


Quite right: not only was this American bishop not British, but he kept talking about God. :slight_smile:

No, that’s just people on websites — they often talk nonsense, have you noticed? Here I am in a rather conservative part of England and I haven’t heard that sort of nonsense from anyone here in real life.

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