Episcopal rosary-anyone else

My Church has started a rosary prayer group -got an episcopal rosary with 33 beads- for those interested see : myrosarybeads.com/anglicanrosary

I was impressed with the repetitive nature of the prayer and the combination of RC and Orthodox prayers-

re there any other Protestants who say their version of the rosary?

Lutherans ? -Old Catholics?

I said the usual Catholic rosary when I was an Episcopalian. Then I just went ahead and became Catholic and am still saying it.:rolleyes: I’m sure what your church has planned is very nice, but never heard of it then or now.:blush:

Prayer beads by any other name have been around for thousands of years and are a great tool for contemplative prayer.

I’ve heard of the Episcopalian rosary, but I have not prayed it.

What is it exactly? How is it prayed? I always thought there was only one kind of rosary until now. :o

I’ve heard of them. I make rosaries so if anyone you know is in need, PM me and I’ll be glad to help out. God wants to hear from us.:slight_smile:

^^ Never mind this. The OP’s link explained it. :doh2: I really need to work on reading before I post. :blush:

Very cool though thanks for sharing it with us. :thumbsup:

…I found something on the web about it a few years ago… so there is something to it, just not widely practiced. It would be nice if it caught on in the EC.

There are Lutheran ‘rosaries’ which are probably like the Episcopal rosary. I have a few rosaries given to me by Roman Catholics but, to be honest, I have rarely used.

I say the Divine Mercy Chaplet on mine. Alternatively, I sometimes use my rosary to organize my intercessory prayers, first decade for immediate family members, second decade for my fellow parishioners, third decade for co-workers and neighbors, etc.

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