Episcopal Weddng


Need some advice. I have a Catholic nephew who is marrying an Episcopalian girl. As a practicing Catholic, should I attend the service in an Episcopalian church? :confused:


Did they get a dispensation from his pastor to have the wedding in a different church?


Corki is correct that they would need a dispensation from form to marry in the Episcopal service. You could suggest they obtain one through working with the Catholic priest (it actually comes from the bishop, however).

If you don't know for certain that they lack a dispensation, it would be possible to assume in charity that they do have the dispensation and attend on that assumption. (Staff apologists in the AAA forum frequently recommend this position).


I'd see no qualm in attending either way. That your nephew needs a dispensation is not your concern because you cannot obtain it for him. I'd also be cautious in asking about the dispensation because it may be seen as unwelcome butting-in, depending on your relationship with him. Perhaps bring it up casually and indirectly - "Oh, I remember our marriage prep - we had some really great discussions. Do you guys have a marriage prep through her church, too? Are you enjoying it?" etc.


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