other than the fact that catholics consider themselves to be the first and only true church, what other wrongs do you feel about the episcopal church.


Other than?

Look, if the Catholic Church is ‘right’ about its claims to be the One True Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, then it is RIGHT and any other ‘issues’ become moot points. What ever errors the Episcopal Church contains are errors because it does not contain the fullness of truth. . .and because it doesn’t, the errors will range from small to huge, depending on whether it rejects just a ‘small’ part of the truth, or a ‘large’ part of the truth. Even the smallest error is still ‘one too many’.


ok, sorry i set u off there pal, just wanted to know catholics thoughts on episcopals, thats all, sorry i disrespected u


I don’t feel disrespected and I’m just relaying the facts as I see them, not being set off. :slight_smile:

While “pal” is certainly a nice word :slight_smile: , as a lady I prefer ‘ma’am’, though.


are you speaking of Anglicans, Episcopalians in America? there seems to be much division, growing rapidly, among branches which arose from the original Anglican break with the Catholic Church, so a discussion would not be very useful unless we agree on some starting point. If the sect does not possess the fullness of truth, then it follows points of agreement with Catholics will be few.


sorry ma’am



Why the Episcopals? Are you one? If so, what does it matter to you what we think of you?

Just seems odd that you would single out one denomination to ask us what we think about them :shrug:

God bless


sorry, just curious, was just researching that denomination and thought i’d ask catholic thoughts in the NON CATHOLIC RELIGIONS FORUM
again i’m sorry, i’ll ask someone else
thanks for your replies


And I get accused constantly in here of being anti-Catholic. I guess anti-Protestantism isn’t just ok but condoned here.


Care to share what posts in this thread you feel have been anti-protestant?

God bless


Certainly, my posted thread on asking Catholics if they have ever been to an Episcopal Holy Eucharist was met with reasons galore of why we do not have a valid priesthood and Eucharist and in a very demeaning and insulting fashion. I merely asked a question.


I was not involved with that thread so I do not know what was said. It appears we have had a misunderstanding. I thought your comment was stating that there had been anti-protestant remarks within this thread.

Sorry you feel your question was met with hostility.

God bless


I don’t beleive the first part of your statement for obvious reasons. The CC can believe what they wish (whom I am I to tell them the emporer has no clothes).

I think may have issues with the Episcopal Church because it has gotten off track. Doctrinally many in power are not just liberal but raving liberals who lean towards unitarianism (why on earth they remain ECUSA I have no idea). And this is the major problem. Well…that and ordaining an openly gay, partnered Bishop and women Bishops and clergy.

I feel a sense of sadness as the once proud church that gave birth to so many of this nations greatest leaders and the church (Anglican) that gave birth to the world’s greatest thinkers, poets, musicians, writers and leaders…is reduced to theology of the type John Shelby Spong produces. Sad thought…

But this is not just an issue Catholics have as many Anglicans have the same issues.

Rev North


The acceptance of women and homosexual clergy. :eek:


I agree with you, Rev. North. Homosexual and female clergy is contrary to what the Bible says.


Point of Information and Request for Clarification:
A quick look at the info given by the originator of the thread reveals “Christian”, not Catholic, as religion. So in what sense is it Catholic anti-Protestantism for a non-Catholic to raise the question?




You are correct in saying this. My priest and I the other day were discussing how Spong has really given alot of fuel to many to chastise the Episcopal church, but like many Anglicans, we do not subscribe to Spong and his outrageous beliefs. Too many folks confuse radical Liberal Episcopalians to speak for all of Anglicanism. This is a blatant misconception.


One of the Episcopal Church’s biggest mistakes was failing to defrock Bishop Spong. His teachings are like a cancer within the Episcopal Church. Then, again, maybe embracing Spong is not a cause, but merely a symptom, of the Episcopal Church’s theological decay.


This is a well crafted statement. Its cleverness comes into sharper focus when one realizes that, on the showing of its history, and recent history in particular, no one, but no one, speaks for “all of Anglicanism.”

However, an examination of that current history also indicates that in spite of how “outrageous” the beliefs might be when examined next to Christian tenets, any Anglican can espouse them with impunity, and have folks line up to proclaim that the espouser is still, indeed, and Anglican, to be treated as a brother in the very Christ the espouser may deny. Canadian Michael Ingham, a prominent Anglican bishop, very well thought of by the US Episcopal establishment, has written that Jesus is not THE way, truth, and life, but only one among many. Different Jesus there.

So, to return to the OP’s question, “what other wrongs do you feel about the episcopal church”, I’d answer that, on the showing of history, one can be an Episcopalian (or any other kind of Anglican) without necessarily espousing the Christian faith, and yet TEC (among the member churches) claims, somehow, to be validly expressing Christianity.

Every church and denomination has its heterodox members. TEC, history indicates, has institutionalized heterodoxy.




WOW, what a loaded question.

First…Christ has only one body…one Church…the fullest expression of that body is found in the Catholic Church…followed closely by the Orthodox churches…ALL Christians are part of the One true Church, though many are seperated by varying degrees of error…and their denominations do not beat the definition of Church due to lack of Apostolic Succession, and therefore, no valid Holy Orders…no Valid Eucharist…etc.

So, if you’re asking what are the errors of the Epicopal Church? It’s very creation as a response to Henry VIII not being allowed to put his wife aside is where it’s problems begin…gay clergy…female clergy…those are the big issues.

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