Episcopalians Respond to Pope's Offer to Anglicans by Electing Lesbian Bishop

Not totally surprising given some things which have taken place over the years:

"The Episcopal Church has just answered Pope Benedict’s overture to Anglicans: “Take that! We just elected a woman as a bishop…and a lesbian at that!” From cantuar.blogspot.com/2009/12/episcopal-church-elects-lesbian-as.html

Short BBC News report HERE.

How can one disagree with the Anglican bishop of Fulham, John Broadhurst who recently affirmed that “the ‘Anglican Experiment’ is over”.

Sounds like something only the devil would find funny. Just like how Obama removed some law that restricts abortion the day after March for Life. Just sickening.

This is not surprising in an Epscopal diocese where a pastor of a declining parish divorced his wife and married the female pastor of a neighboring parish. He was later promoted. In the liberal side of the denomination, sadly, anything goes.
We should continue to pray for them, and to welcome those who are “Swimming the Tiber”.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Anglican church is dying…

It would seem vaguely arrogant to me to automatically assume that the only reason the Episcopalians select someone as a bishop is to react to actions by the Catholic Church.

I don’t really think the blogger meant it in such a literal sense, viz. that the Episcopalians said “OK, what can we do now to peeve the Catholic Church, after what the Pope has done”. I think it was meant to point out the coincidence of it all - timewise: the Pope makes a generous offer to Anglicans, many of whom were already seriously disillusioned with their communion, and then the Episcopalians go and give such people a further reason to depart from the Anglican Communion by electing a lesbian bishop.

Really not surprising when you consider how the Anglican Church started.

people need to get over how the anglican church started. it saddens me to see how anglicanism has been taken over by the liberal side.

i can only foresee a downward spiral in the episcopal church and the anglican communion if they continue to try to get back at the Pope. it doesn’t serve anyone any good to thumb their noses at the Pope. it will only come back on them i think in a bad way. it seems to be a childish game.

Again, what evidence is there that the Episcopalians elect their bishops to thumb their noses at the Church? It seems to be just arrogance and assumptions.

correct me if i’m wrong but are not bishops supposed to live a moraly upright life as an examle to the faithfull? How does someone who disregards the moral teaching in the bible and lives a sinfull life make her qualified to lead a church? If I ever meet this bishop she is getting an hour long lecture of hypocrisy and being true to the word of god.

Its easy when you forget what is in the bible.

I tend to agree with Lujack on this one, the reason they chose a lesbian woman as a bishop probably has more to do with the why the Anglican Church is split in the first place than anything the Pope has said or done recently.

The worldwide Anglican Communion had agreed to a freeze on the election of gay clergy to stem a possible major rift within the church, and Bishop Forsythe says a split now seems inevitable.

“The Anglican Communion as a united body is now history, and now we are seeing a complete restructuring of relationships,” he said.

"I think that is what the event is showing. Communion as a united body is now history.

"I am not saying this one event changes everything. It just continues to cement the trajectory towards a restructuring of the Anglican Communion in the world.

“I think it (a split) was inevitable before this frankly, but yes, I think it is inevitable now.”


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