Episcopian church and England


When I was growing up as a protestant I attended the Montessori Little People’s Academie was I five or six years old. It was like preschool and teaching religious education. This was not part of the Episcopialian church,however there was a Episcopian church upstairs. I became fasinated with big ben when I was a child. In 1999,while on a trip to Washington D.C.,
little did I know I stepped into a the washington national cathederal,which is a episcopian church. My dad was a member of the Episcopian church when he was growing up and worked there helping with communion etc. My grandmas dad was a member of the church of england. I got angry at america and how america (the CIA) tried to kill people such as Fidel Castro in the 1960 and 1970s before the government passed a law saying that they couldn’t do that anymore, during my high school years. So I had to find a replacement which fell to the british as I studied the british victories during World War I which led to the creation of Iraq and the pro-british monarchy which they propped up no matter how dictatorial or corrupt it was.I was stanchly pro-british at this time.After I got over Iraq, I was also very supportive of Queen Elizabeth II who I saw as queen of England. I asked God where I should live,and God gave me a house that is not to far from the Episcopial church that my dad used to go to. I also liked looking at pictures of England and Scotland. I loved england. If I keep having the episcopial church even though God says I will never become a episcopialian,does that mean I am actually a episcopialian,even through I attend a non-denominational church? 1.My family members were Church of England/Episcopialian members. 2.I had fasination of british objects and studing england and its influences (History and landscapes etc.) 3. I became pro-british and supported queen elizabeth and I didn’t like any critism of the queen. 4. I was very connected to britian and england,even today. God once told me that the Church of England shall always be the state church and that as a state church that it glorifies god. as a state church,there is no seperation of church and state thus,in some ways,humanism and secularism cannot gain a foothold in the schools and schools are required to give religious education each day or week. In other ways,it has but not in this case. By having a state church,God is in effect saying “Iam the Lord.”

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