Episode 1


A man will often choose to be the man [/FONT]He Didn’t have to Be. Men live for [/FONT]Little Moments. But what happens when [/FONT]Two People fall in Love?

[/FONT]What a Beautiful Day when a man believes that “[/FONT]She’s Everything.” But the same man thinks “[/FONT]I’m Going to Miss Her” as he sometimes does his own thing. If her man leaves, she often says “[/FONT]Wait a Minute.” Many women still read [/FONT]Horoscopes.

If liked, there will be future Episodes.


and therefore episodic.


Words don't communicate emotions. I am a divorced father with very limited contact with my daughtes. So I intend to leave a legacy or them to find. Nothing ever disappears from the internet.

So come along on the heart journey if you want. It is about love, longing and life.

Of course there is some Catholic stuff thrown in, but fairly subtle. There is some sorrow and stark reality too but nothing that I wouldn't want my daughters to see.


So, should we answer in video song? Our response and such???


faithfully, you can answer in whatever artistic or regular way you want!

Or of course you can ignore the while thing.

Episode 2


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