Epstein fixer Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ARRESTED by FBI


In New Hampshire, no less! Great place to hide out from the authorities - not.


Her father and brothers have an interesting history as well. Bought the company I used to work for. I’ll give the reader three guesses on how that turned out.


How long until she commits “suicide”? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


I’m betting gutted and sold?

One thing I find curious: she was apparently in hiding in France which was her birthplace, hence under French law, she was not subject to extradition. She could have stayed there for years yet she returned to the US. Dunno what is up with that. Did she get a deal? We may find out soon.

I find it interesting though maybe just a coincidence: that the SDNY Attorney Berman was just fired and now this case shows up in his former district.



I had just read about a week ago she was spotted on a yacht docked somewhere in New Zealand.

I find this good news she was arrested, but I am sure she will have a good lawyer.


Berman was the one who handled the recent case against Epstein, just prior to Epstein’s death.

I’m sure you are aware that Epstein’s original 2008 plea deal in Florida rendered all of Epstein’s ‘conspirators’ immune from prosecution. This includes Donald Trump who has been accused of raping a 13 year old girl at one of Epsteins parties. Donald Trump rewarded the prosecutor who came up with this deal, Alexander Acosta, with the position of labor secretary.

In 2019, Acosta’s deal was found to be illegal because it was made without informing the victims. Nevertheless, a Trump appointee in the justice department refused to invalidate the deal. Barr’s original plan was to have Berman resign, which would allow Barr to hand-pick his replacement, who would now be handling this case. Berman’s refusal to resign has allowed Berman’s deputy, Audrey Strauss, to fill the position. Audrey Strauss has worked against Bill Barr in the past, when Barr sought to cover up the Iran Contra scandal.

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Sometimes I wonder how lawyers can live with themselves, representing clients like that.


Known sex traffickers being prosecuted out of a DA branch not related to sex trafficking?
You don’t say …

This is getting curiouser and curiouser.


Regarding the accusation against Trump, you left out that even Snopes concedes there isn’t much there. Not to mention no prominent Trump-hating attorney with a reputation for muckraking would touch her case even after the alleged victim went shopping for an attorney in New York. She didn’t have an attorney in LA and the judge thought so little of her case, she got stuck with the legal bills. That’s not the picture of someone who gets a rich settlement that you think happened.

The conclusion of the article:

As of now, all of the information about this lawsuit comes solely from the complaint filed by “Katie Johnson,” and no one has as yet located, identified, or interviewed her. She was scheduled to appear at a press conference on 2 November 2016 but didn’t show up, asserting that threats to her life kept her away. She reportedly dropped the lawsuit again on 4 November 2016 for the same reason.

  • Last Updated 31 May 2020

Not to mention “Tiffany Doe” has never shown up anywhere.

Recall the Miami Herald filed for disclosure in a related case in which Maxwell was the defendant who settled privately with Virginia Giuffre. It was when the judge ultimately ruled in favor of the Miami Herald that so much of what happened with Epstein came into the public domain. Including details of that 2008 plea deal.


Trump and Stormy Daniels, sure that got a lot of play. He paid her off and she talked anyway. Trump making that distasteful remark, that got a lot of play. But not this one. Even now, with the Trump hatred blaring full force in our faces on a daily basis for years, this still doesn’t get play. You think in the world of Stormy Daniels and Virginia Giuffre that this accuser would step up anyway. Think how many Trump haters would protect her. But crickets …

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So many conspiracy stories available online.

So many accusations.

So many people wanting to bring this president down.

Ghislane Maxwell didn’t kill herself

I’m early, but I expect to hear of her “suicide” in a few weeks.


Dude no one cares. Literally every man or woman in a position of power is likely guilty of sexual misconduct. There’s not a presidential candidate alive who’s innocent.


FWIW, her father Robert was found dead in the water back in 1992, a day before his sizeable interest payment came due.

Oh, the name of his boat: Ghislaine

I imagine his victims are all just fossilized by now.


Or in Russia. :shushing_face:

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