Epstein fixer Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ARRESTED by FBI

Love, love, love it!! Thanks, where did you find them???

Not true. Jimmy Carter was never charged, accused or investigated for sexual misconduct. Neither was Obama. Maybe the two are not innocent but they surely are not guilty.

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Yet, you are an apologist for the Vietnam war? The US had no business there.

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Me too! That one especially. I’ll see what I can do to figure out how.

Yes we did, stopping the spread of communism into French Indochina.

Some still insist on thinking of Obama as a decent man? That man approved the assassination via drone missile of a US citizen not on the field of battle. And then two weeks later, he approved the assassination of that man’s son, also a US citizen, via another drone missile, again not on the field of battle. Establishing a dangerous precedent that a US citizen’s life can be forfeited without the due process of law. All it takes is to name him an enemy of the state.

The quagmire was getting deeper into the muck as Obama did. He ran in 2008 on getting out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo. But hardly anyone wants to remember that. Instead, he not only expanded operations there, he sanctioned the MIC’s involvement in five other countries: Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Ukraine. In addition, he made that ill-fated deal with Iran.

Of all these, attacking Libya was the worst foreign policy blunder since the Iraq War was reopened in 2003. Destroying Libya opened the door to numerous negative ramifications since. Many of which are still playing out. It’s extremely difficult to think of a positive good that came out of this completely misguided adventure. It was as if Obama and Hillary purposely wanted to sow chaos for their own ends.

The Democrats had the opportunity to go the anti-war route in picking Obama’s successor. Instead they threw Sanders under Clinton’s bus. Then they did that again this year with Sanders and Gabbard. There are many Democrats and progressives who want out. They won’t be heard by their current leadership.


That really worked out well.


The Duran link the hiding of Ghislaine Maxwell to the Liberal establishment.

Claims that Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in a love triangle with both Jeffery Epstein and Prince Andrew.

“Claims.” Well, that should certainly settle everything.

I would be happy to have the thumb drive which explained how her famous father Robert Maxwell died in 1992. That cost about 50 jobs, including mine at OAG.

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