equal rights?

Have we all the same rights or just the same dignity as a human beings?

I think that if we have dignity, it naturally follows that we have rights. We have the right to be treated like human beings. Because we are made in the image and likeness of God (AKA dignity), we have the right to liberty (unless we abuse it) and life. What God gives, no man can take away without due cause.

In an ideal world we all have dignity and equal rights; there are gray areas in all ideals. For instance you do not have a right for assisted suicide(not yet, anyway), but you do have a right to die or suffer with dignity. This of course, is an extreme example and a lot is dependent on your gove., religion and culture. I like to believe that that here in the U. S. and in other Democratic countries, we are on the “upside” of equal rights. Dignity is a bit different and really hard to define as for the most part it comes from within. I’m sure I will be corrected. Peace.

There are rights which are fundamental or inalienable, and there are other rights which are conditional. For example, everyone has the right to life, but only those who are baptized have the right to receive other sacraments. Parents have rights (and duties) which young children do not have.

Rights come from God, not from men or from a society, and not everyone is given the same rights, since people in different vocations require different rights in order to perform their duties.

Not everyone has “equal rights” to make and enforce laws, for example.

On the other hand, no one has the right to make and enforce unjust laws or, frankly, to do anything at all which is immoral.

We all have the right to do good, and none of us have the right to do evil.

I think also one needs to distinguish rights from powers.

Making law or punishing wrongdoing is a power, not a right, and most do not have it.

Some rights, and some powers, come from God and some from the society.

Even if we have equal rights, we do not have equal powers.


Honestly from my personal experience people do not have the same rights. Everyday I see people look down on others be it a bank manager or mayor, doctors or club owners.

Their rights aren’t being recognised, you mean. That doesn’t mean that they don’t HAVE rights. For example, I have the right to life. If I am murdered, it wasn’t because I suddenly didn’t have that right any more, it was because a murderer violated my rights.

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