Equality complaint threatens future of UK's last Catholic adoption agency

National Secular Society claim of discrimination against homosexuals by St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society in Glasgow, Scotland, puts UK’s last Catholic adoption agency’s charitable status at risk.

The agency has until April 22, 2013 to comply with the Equality Act so or risk losing its charitable status.

Full report: sconews.co.uk/news/24929/equality-complaint-threatens-future-of-scottish-catholic-adoption-agency/

Europe is a hell hole, that many of the fournding fathers escaped from, yet today people want to make the US a Godess society the same as they fleed from

socialism, that which strips away the freedom of the people, as the numbing of the people to the value of life. erasing, Life, liberty and Justice for all.

todays war of revenge and hate is wiping that away, and people look on and justify it, for it fullfillls that human element of want to hate others, not love…

Jesus called us to forgive, and to never revenge others… and to admonish the sinner in a loving heart.

to not stand against sin, is to condon sin, denial of God and faith in God…

I think we might be rapidly approaching a point wehre we just have to call Europe a lost cause; at least fora few generations…

I don’t know how we got to this stage in our development

it is like we are going back in time to a neanderthal mentality only in our spiritual lives

the planet as far as advancement in technology is going full speed and soemtimes blazingly fast
but our progress spiritually is going backwards

I dont know how the homosexual world got its grip on so many societies in america and Europe.
But they are definitely pursuing an agenda
and I dont know where it will lead

it is true that Europe is too secular
but i would not call it a hell hole.

in many ways the daily life and the civilized and finer aspects of society flourish and thrive there.

Like decency in dress and art and manners and
well, you dont see all the homeless suffering as they do here in america
and you certainly dont have people wanting more and more guns.
Often the same people who claim to be righteous want to have a bunch of guns
there is a lot I dont get about this world
but the L-rd is allowing it
and we have to continue to watch and pray and pray hard and just keep up our faith life.
We have to believe this is part of His plan --why I dont know
I certainly do not know
Sometimes I just call out Oh G-d how far will this have to go?
But it isn’[t my design
is this part of the end of days?

[quote=ProdglArchitect;10278200]I think we might be rapidly approaching a point wehre we just have to call Europe a lost cause; at least fora few generations…

Wait a second!

Lost Cause

I hardly think so.

Recently on a tip to London i was walking around Kensington High Street- a very posh area
It was about 6 pm, and Iheard these bells–real loud–church bells. Only I could not tell where they were coming from. I asked people and they pointed to the Kens Church–that is how they called it.
It is Anglican.
Well i went over to this magnificent old ancient lovely church. and the bells kep clanging really loudly. the service was set for 6:30. those bells went on making loud noise for all to hear until 6:30 came.
I went in and sat right up by the altar, which. is magnificent. when people starting singing hymns, I could not follow the music. the organ as so loud and i wasn’t familiar with the music. I held the book in front of me but could not make out the melody with all the loud noise of the organ.
But finally the service moved to the time whent h Vicar came up to the pulpit to speak.
He began to recite a T. S. Eliot poem. It went on for many stanzas. It was all very dark and ominous, a very sad piece. No light at all.
There were very old people int he church plus a lot of younger ones.
I looked around.
and suddenly I stood up and heard myself say in a loud voice" I came to hear the word ofr God not T. S. Eliot"
The Vicar stopped and looked at me and people int he congregation yelled here! here! you know like they agreed with me.
But i got my coat around me and moved out of the pew. all were silent watching me
Then I stood at the end of the pew and faced the congregation and i said
“This is the House of God
and unless you treat it as His house and not eh Vicar’s house
you will find it overgrown with weeds”
then i walked out.
Cheers wer heard behind me as i walked that massive gorgeous ancient corridor out to the street. I prayed for that Vicar and hoped the congregation would help him to find his way again back to the Gospel teaching he should be feeding them. Not a lost cause–w need to speak up for what we believe

What of the right of children to have a father and a mother?

Our societies are failing…

Sitcom after sitcom after sitcom, where gay characters are always portrayed as wonderful; the wonderful straight protagonists are always standing up for them, and the nasty villains of the piece are always anti-gay.

Sometimes the villains have a change of heart and turn into good people, right before our eyes, as they learn to embrace their new gay friends.

In the meanwhile, all anti-gay sentiment is met with violent opposition and self-righteous disgust from the “good” and “cool” characters.

This sends a very powerful message to those who watch TV with their “filters” switched off.

Well it’s unfair on gay couples who wan’t to adopt. If your a charity you can’t exclude people from joining in on God’s work purely because they sin. Most of the straight married couples will sin too so to exclude gay couples is ridiculous! They should keep the married for 2 years rule but extend it from just marriage to civil partnerships as well xx

Yes because it’s hateful. I’m gay and christian and I’ve had boyfriends but during these relationships refrained from sex ensuring it’s not sinful. Many christian gay couples do this as we all need romantic love as well as Gods love but in our case we need more of Gods love to help us refrain from sex xx

Friendship without sex is called “friendship.”

Well what about unmarried straight couples? Chaste ones that is xx

You sound really annoying :confused: xx

Every child deserves a father and a mother. Some are denied that by unavoidable circumstances, and there is nothing we can do about that. But to deliberately thrust an innocent child into a bad situation is unfair, absurd, and uncalled-for.

It is extremely selfish of some people to satisfy their own desires and think of nobody else’s well-being,

If your a charity you can’t exclude people from joining in on God’s work purely because they sin.

Yes. Yes, you can. You can and you should.

If you’re a charity, it’s your duty to discriminate so that children are placed in the best possible homes.

Most of the straight married couples will sin

ALL of the straight married couples will sin. EVERYBODY sins.

And every couple with children sends a message saying “This is normal and acceptable.”

A man and a woman bring something unique and indispensable to a family. Children need both a father and a mother.

What about them?

Do you mean as couples adopting children? When they’re not married, and either member can easily get up and walk out? Leaving the children with one parent or the other?

Well, what do you think?

You sound like a hugely disrerspectful person. I suspect the service you were attending at St Mary Abbott’s church (which I am am familiar with) was Evensong which is a fusion of Vespers and Compline but since we Catholics threw out that part of our heritage, we are no longer familar with the sung evening office. It normally includes 2 bible readings, two canticles (the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimitis) and traditional hymns. Just because the vicar chose to quote TS Elliot (who incidently wrote many religious books in the 1920s) as part of his sermon did not give you the right to do what you did.

I am sure the assembled crowd must have thought you were a protestant fundamentalist nutter rather than a Catholic and that the cheers were relief that you left. My advice to you is to learn some manners and respect for fellow Christians.

Many brave people who have higher standards than our own and stand up for their beliefs do tend to *seem *annoying, yes.

To some people.

I think most CAF members would also find *someone *to be annoying. (hint: not VicarPopi)

No, would you consider those sort of couples friendships as well? xx

Are you saying that the congregation was stupid enough to think that if they applauded, then their applause would be interpreted as relief that VicarPopi was leaving?

And not as agreement with what VicarPopi was saying?


Try to think about it: You’re in a crowd, and someone stands up and says something you disagree with. Then the person leaves. Would you cheer at that point? Would you cheer at all? Or would you restrain yourself, knowing that any cheering from you would be interpreted as approval?

People who love each other, without having a sexual side to their relationship, are what we call “friends.”

At least, on *this *planet.

Frankly I don’t believe that they applauded at all, but when I am next in the area (my friend is a priest at the Carmelite church just down the road) I will ask the Vicar exactly what happened.

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