Equality of Women & Men: Ontological Effect of Ordination?



 I'm a man considering the celibate life, and I was hoping someone could clarify an area of confusion for me, as I've heard conflicting information on it.

 Does the ontological effect of ordination dispose a priest (or, bishop or deacon) more fully to a life of holiness? That is, does ordained life allow for a man to be more able to receive the Lord's grace when compared to both women in consecrated life (nuns, consecrated virgins, etc.) and members of the laity of either sex?

 I'm grateful for any help you can offer. Also, any reference to Church documents and/or reputable theologians would be greatly appreciated!

A Man Discerning


“I’m a man considering the celibate life,…”

Did you mean to write “the consecrated life” or “ordained life”?

*Does the ontological effect of ordination dispose a priest (or, bishop or deacon) more fully to a life of holiness? *

It has to involve a personal committment to Jesus and his Church or we wouldn’t have priests involved in child sexual abuse and pederasty.


Hello bkayw!

Agreed! I’m not sure why anyone would pursue the celibate life (either consecrated or ordained life) without a personal commitment to Christ and his Church. However, that doesn’t quite address my original question…

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Just want to say that equality, contrary to current secular belief, does not mean we are all the same.


Whilst the ordination to the Diaconate or Priesthood leaves an indellible mark upon the Character of the individual; just as Baptism does - it does not mean that one is greater than the other; nor that one is more holy than the other; the indellible mark does not elevate the individual to some greater being; but tunes them to a greater purpose; in the service of God and Man; but by no means does it make the individual ontologically greater. We are all called to the common Priesthood; but only some of us are called to the Ordained Priesthood; and whilst these may contract the Sacraments of Eucharist; Penance and other such things it is essential to remember that the Sacrament is essentially Christ working; and acts “Ex opere operato” (from the work done); and not from the Character or Grace of the Priest.

With regards to humans; the only Human who is substantially ontologically different from others is Mary; because through the grace of the Crucifixion of Christ; given in advance; she was Conceived of Saint Anne without the stain of Original sin. Other than Mary we are all smitten with the consequences of Original sin; namely suffering, death and concupiscence; Baptised or otherwise.

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