To really appreceate the heliocentric insight of Copernicus as an experience take this graphic outside at dawn.


The arrow indicate your position as you look out on the Universe as the Earth rotates out of its orbital shadow.It should be thrillingly disconcerting in making the graphic match with what you see but that is the joy of the Copernican discovery as an experience rather than a dry ‘fact’.

At the Equinox,the orbital shadow splits the polar axis as it moves around the distant sun and axial longitude coordinates run parallel with orbital orientation.



Unfortunately celestial cataloguers and scientists only see the change in axial tilt with respect to the Sun and designate the Equinox as the hemispherical division of summer/winter and the real astronomical value of the Equinox dies with it.


This is a gift for those who have the astronomical wisdom to recognise it and while I have no objections to enjoying the equinox as a spring festival leading into summer there is also those great celestial motions which science institutions choose to ignore or pervert for novelistic theories.

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