Erdogan expected to turn another Istanbul church into mosque

Erdogan expected to turn another Istanbul church into mosque

by Tom Heneghan , in Paris

Now that Turkey has turned Hagia Sophia in Istanbul back into a mosque, concern is rising that the same fate awaits another Orthodox church there with some of the most beautiful mosaics and frescos in the Christian world.

The interior of Holy Saviour in Chora, a medieval Byzantine church in western Istanbul that is now a museum, is covered with Bible scenes and portraits of Jesus and the saints dating back to the fourteenth century.

The Ottoman Turks turned Chora into a mosque half a century after their conquest of Constantinople in 1453, hiding its rich artwork under a layer of plaster because Islam bans iconic images.

The Hagia Sophia was a museum anyway, not a church. Doesn’t seem as much of a loss to Christianity as it’s made out to be.

Islam is increasing in numbers and influence throughout the world, not just in Turkey. In Buffalo, New York, an empty Roman Catholic church was recently converted into an Islamic mosque.

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