Erdogan Says US Must Choose Between Turkey And Syrian Kurds


Erdogan Says US Must Choose Between Turkey And Syrian Kurds

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday accused the United States of creating a “pool of blood” in the region by failing to recognise the main Syrian Kurdish organisations as terror groups.

The recent dispute between North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies Turkey and the USA centers on Washington’s objection to labeling the PYD as a terrorist group, instead classifying it as “a reliable partner”. “This is what I told them”, Erdogan said.

In an impassioned and sometimes angry address, Erdogan asked whether the United States was an ally or was working with groups Ankara lists as terror organisations.

We’ve gotten a bit off the international news beat but this and stories connected to it, seem to be important.

Yes, we should choose. The situation is ugly over there and in such situations, everyone can act pretty ugly.

Or perhaps, nonintervention is the way, I do believe Senator Rand Paul or at least, others, have talked about arming the Kurds. I’m sure I can find such quotes.


Choose the Syrian Kurds.


Aha, you see?
We’re in the middle all over the ME …
maybe that’s why they call it the ME. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ankara considers the Kurds to be terrorists primarily because the Kurds want an independent Kurdish state - and have tried to fight for such a state at times. Regardless, though, right now, the Syrian Kurds are primarily fighting a defensive fight against both the Assad regime and ISIS - and are being assisted primarily by Mid-Eastern Christian groups fighting for their homeland.

I can see why Erdogan is frustrated, though - Turkey has been trying to reach out to the West since the end of WWII. And the situation in Syria is a mess - there really are no good guys (the Syrian Kurds are really the closest we have to a “reliable” ally). And Turkey has been dealing with a constant influx of people fleeing the violence in Syria and Iraq.


Yes, it is really mixed up and “there really are no good guys (the Syrian Kurds are really the closest we have to a “reliable” ally)”:

[quote= ]
Some local Kurdish tribes were armed to attack the Armenian population. These killings clearly were a first step towards the Armenian Genocide.[citation needed] However, it should also be noted that the majority of Kurds did not take part in the killings of Armenians and many helped Armenians flee the Ottoman Empire


Admittedly, I’m not sure but I think the Turks deny the genocide of the Armenians because under the Ottoman Empire they allowed the Kurds to do the dirty work.


If I recall, it is the Kurds who are the one population in the ME who have repented of the role that they played in the Armenian genocide.

I guess that would merit some kind of link


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