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Well, I have been here long enough to see that there is as many who want to prove the Protestant wrong as there are those Protestants who want to prove the Catholics wrong. Not that I don’t have a certian amount of ego or faults of my own, it is just an observation and the reassurance that this is a fallen world.


Catholic apologists here are defending the faith, Protestants try to disprove them by attacking every single teachings of the Church.

You also see Protestants who have good charity and Catholics who bear good fruit.


Why would we not want to correct the mistakes of the Protestants? If you saw someone about to fall into the abyss (not that I think this is the fate of all Protestants), then would you not hold out a hand and help them?


Not all, I saw folks baiting Protestants with Sola Scipture, where the question was actually asked, “if the Bible was never written, would you still be Christian”. Now what is the point in that, do tell, and how does that add to the glory of God?


Only if they extended the hand first, I wouldn’t presume to correct them without them asking.


So you would let them commit spiritual suicide? That is not charity, it is selfishness.


Maybe I see apalogetics for Catholics and some see it as the salvation of Protestants.


I see both.

Catholics here are baiting Protestants for Sola Scriptura, and Protestants are baiting Catholics on Mary and the saints…

I did not start neither of them. I did discuss the issues in those threads in support of my Catholic brothers and sisters. I have also noticed uncharitable done by both parties, which the Moderator in the forum has clearly warned.


My dear Ateryu, have you ever watched the proud refuse charity? The kingdom is for the humble, not the boasters. As St Francis said, “preach the Gospel always, and when neccesary use words.” That’s as close as I remember.


OK, maybe its time for this thread to be closed as it does nothing to help people. Close it.


But you are suggesting we don’t even offer the proud charity. This is a position to which I disagree. Should we only offer help when it is asked? Or should we give the offer to help ourselves? I hold to the latter position. Then, it is up to them to either respond or refuse to my help.

That being said, I don’t see much point in cramming stuff up someone’s nose. There is a time and a place for apologetics, and we must at all times be charitable. Personally, I see this forum as the time and the place for apologetics. So yes, I will “offer my help” by raising challenges to the mistakes of the Protestants.


You’ll probably need the ask a moderator to do that for you. The mods don’t have time to read through every single thread…


I’ll just let it die of breath.

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