Eric Clapton's song 'Holy Mother'

Have you heard it? if not you really should. one of the most heartfelt, beautiful songs ever about the Blessed Mother. and his solo at the end is soul gripping. please listen to it. i think it’s on the August album.

maybe even on youtube. but hear it. the Birmingham '86 is great, but they’re all good. get the album if you can.

it always gives me tears.

thanks Eric…

Thank you for your post. I wasn’t familiar with this song and it is truly beautiful!

Clapton is amazing…


Thanks for your thread!:thumbsup:

Do you happen to have a link to be able to listen to it?

I went to one of his concerts a long time ago, and I got goose bumps;)


God Bless,


Here is the link, WOW!!!:thumbsup: Thanks Eric Clapton!

There is also a version with Pavarotti! :clapping:




yes wow

Thanks for everything!;):clapping:


he said in an interview that he starts and ends each day on his knees in prayer.

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