Eric Dejaeger found guilty of 24 out of 68 sex-related charges


I guess there’s a priest in Canada that has been convicted of 31 counts of child sexual abuse and 1 count of Bestiality. Does anyone have any insider information on this. It seems like anyone outside of the church hears the word priest they think of child molestation and that’s it. I’m not sure how long this went on or how it got to go as far as it did. But there was a conviction for what that’s worth.



As terrible as this is… For every 1 bad priest there are between 3-10 bad Protestant ministers, Jewish Rabbis, Muslim clerics, teachers, coaches, neighbors, scout leaders, etc… But do we never ever hear about them? Do they get demonized? :nope: Nope.


Well, I haven’t heard anything about this. Where did you hear this and from what source? :confused:


Do you have any references for those statistics? I don’t doubt you. I’d like to use stats like that in discussions.


Canada is a big place. So big that it reaches three oceans so I am wondering why are you singling out this so called specific case when it has happened all over the world.


Here is the story that appeared in the national news

What is most unfortunate is that it involved children of the northern First Nations and their isolation and trust of authority was totally turned against them to enable prolonged and more intense abuse. :mad:


Thanks for attaching the news article. I guess we need to thank God for publicity because public humiliation and its threat may be one of the best deterrents God has given us. I pray for the victims, the church, and the ability to remain aware.


You have hit on an important issue, but I would say that the rate of “perversity” is equal among all categories. The reason we hear more about priests is that the Catholic Church is so large and, in my opinion, the media likes to focus on that which will help persecute believers.

We all need to face the reality that sexual deviancy is out there, and just because a man becomes a priest does not make him immune from it. If we are honest, and realize that incest occurs in 1/3 of ALL families, we can start to deal with how pervasive this problem is. So yes, teachers, scout leaders, doctors, religious leaders, cops, firemen, all groups, have within them those that use their positions of trust to prey on children. It is disgusting and we need to stop it.

One of the best places to help put an end to this horror is within our own families. If your child tells you someone is hurting them this way listen to them. Don’t deny it, punish them for it (as many do) and open your eyes. And even if it is your own father, brother, sister, cousin, whoever, turn them into the law.


This is so sad. :frowning: We should all pray for him and also for his victims.

That said, I noticed he was charged with 2 counts of buggery. Can someone please explain to me what buggery is? I have never heard the term before.


It’s an old sexual charge term. Like Sodomy. A general legal term.

That might help. God Bless Fr. Eric and be with him and rid him of sins.


I happened to see it on yahoo news. They do seem to pick on Catholic priests I don’t know why. Maybe the vow of celibacy :shrug:


A defrocked Catholic priest was found guilty Friday of raping dozens of children and a sled dog in the Canadian Arctic, where he worked as a missionary for decades. The Belgian-born Eric Dejaeger, 67, was convicted of 31 counts of sexual offenses against children and one count of bestiality.

…]Public broadcaster CBC said they recounted how Dejaeger used his position as a missionary to lure and trap them into sex, threatening them with hellfire and separation from their families if they exposed him.


Even a dog…deplorable.


Totally unacceptable.

I hope this priest sets himself straight with God.



The Catholic priest is “another Christ” unlike a Protestant minister or anyone else, so more is expected of him.


Though I understand the belief that the Catholic priest is “another Christ”, that is not the reason the media focuses so much on the Catholic Church. It has to do with how large the Church is and how visible. If other churches had as large a presence they would go for them.

I have yet to come across a single religion in which sexual abuse has not been a problem. It is a pervasive disorder that crosses all boundaries and one that has to be dealt with much more effectively than it is now. It is a very damaging and disgusting problem that people have been all to prepared to sweep under the rug out of embarrassment and shame. Time for a lot of noise and demand for change.


Yahoo News picks on Catholic priests?

Being a member of the media, I wouldn’t say the media “focuses” more on the Catholic church in these cases.
The media reports on what is happening in front of them.
We have police scanners to keep track of what police are doing…and have court reporters in court every day in cities all around the world to see what news is happening there that day.
A story like this is a big news story.
If it was a Protestant priest or a Rabbi or a Buddhist monk, it would get the same amount of play/publicity.



I hope you can back up your stats on this, else someone might accuse you of slander/libel.

Of course we hear about the others.
Or course these other abusers are portrayed as threatening.

Do you not read the news?



I beg to differ, but it seems that Yahoo news takes any hint of wrongdoing by Catholics and hammers it to death. I almost never see any news of malfeasance by other denominations that gets the same coverage as Catholic issues do. And many of the stories that get run day in and day out aren’t even verified. They’re just rumors. But if the rumor involves a Catholic institution, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rumor or not.

Take the story of the “800 babies in a septic tank” for instance. After running those articles ad nauseam, I noticed in the comment section that some people were actually calling for Catholics to be killed! Such is the power of the media.


Defamation is not about saying “I don’t like what he said, It’s not true, I’m going to sue!” There has to be some kind of actual damage done. What kind of damage has been done? Has someone lost a job, lost a significant amount of money? There is no controversy here and no standing. Just put on my legal cap for a minute. :slight_smile:


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