Eric Frein, suspect in Pennsylvania trooper ambush, arrested without incident


** Eric Frein, suspect in Pennsylvania trooper ambush, arrested without incident **

Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a seven-week manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.

A law enforcement source told Fox News U.S. Marshals arrested Frein after obtaining information that he was hiding in an airport hangar near Buck Hill, the same general area where they had been searching for him.

They called him out and he surrendered without incident, the source said. He was armed but no shots were fired.


Thank God.


I bet everyone in Pennsylvania is glad this is over.


This is a nutball that should spend the rest of his life in jail or executed.


Thanks to God for all the brave men and women who hunted this killer down. I hope all will remember when evil is done that we need to support the police, troopers,marshals and our armed forces. They need the best of equipment to do their job and the best of our appreciation for their doing their best! :clapping:


I bet this search cost the county or state a lot of money. They used a lot of manpower. This was a cold blooded act he committed. I am glad they caught him and let justice prevail.


The cost was ten million dollars, plus great risk to the officers searching for Frein, and disruption to residents’ lives including schools being closed some days.

I, too, hope for justice to prevail, but I also hope he comes to repentance; the US Marshall who caught him said Frein looked “sad” and “defeated”. May the Lord’s justice and mercy win the day with redeeming such a broken human being.


Yes.The search lasted 7 weeks! He did look sad and defeated because I am sure he had lots of time to think these last 7 weeks and he knows he has lost his freedom for the rest of his life and might get the death penalty.
I worry about him becoming a hero to another misguided survivalist who might want to do something similar in the future.
I thought it interesting one of the senior leaders of the search said “he didn’t get tired, we caught him!”

So they spent over a million dollars a week searching for this man.


Good Greif.

Whatever happened to just tracking the guy down and capturing him? This would have bankrupted most states more than 50 years ago.


Many tax dollars have been thrown down the black hole but IF indeed it cost 10 million to catch this bad guy it’s worth it!


Agreed, but maybe we can make the process a little more efficient?


There is a mighty long list of tax funded schemes that need to be eliminated before I would start complaining about how much this one cost. Where did the total of 10 mil come from? Perhaps before the checks are written, they could be looked at? For the past six years, nobody has looked at whats in the cookie jar. There has been a reckless demand for spending to buy elections and secure whacko policies. This latest happening does not belong on that list.



Much of the difficulty and expense was due to the terrain in which he was hiding. The Poconos area of Pennsylvania tends to be heavily wooded, sometimes with thickly brushy woods that afford plenty of cover and are really tough to walk through, and it’s very hilly in many places. A few times Frein was believed to have been spotted at a distance by officers but they couldn’t reach him quickly because of the intervening rough going.


Out of curiosity, what process would you do to make it a little more efficient?


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