Eric Holder resigns as attorney general


Washington Times:

Eric Holder resigns as attorney general

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., the nation’s first black attorney general, will announce his resignation Thursday, ending a turbulent, six-year tenure in which his office addressed major issues, from banking scandals and terrorism to civil-rights cases.

Sources familiar with the decision said Mr. Holder intends to leave the Department of Justice as soon as his successor is confirmed, a process that could last until next year, NPR first reported.

The president is not expected to name a replacement for Mr. Holder when he formally announces the attorney general’s resignation on Thursday afternoon at the White

So does this make the contempt of Congress charges go away?


Holder Loses Grip… One of my favorite headlines on the topic. :smiley:


Eric the Red’s cover-up of the “Fast & Furious” Treasury/ATFE/gun running to drug lords is complemented by his undersight of Treasury/IRS/rampant refund fraud in the billions to the self-same drug lords is something so slick it should be wrapped in tailored silk and stuck on the cover of GQ, not relegated to the scratch-and-sniff innards like this puff piece:

GQ’s gushy paean on “Washington doesn’t like idealists” Holder, now the D.O.A. D.A. from the D.O.J., includes kudos for his twelve years in the Department of Justice’ PUBLIC INTEGRITY section. Is that where he polished his magical powers that make everything disappear, including his taking a powder?
I’m just sayin’…
Use your Armani titanium highlighter on Eric’s being #2 under Janet Reno.
I’m just sayin’…
Does the portrait of the last crimeboss crimebuster, Bobby Kennedy, stay with the office or go with Holder?
[Insert your tagline here if you think you got something better than “I’m just sayin’…”]:eek:


Good riddance! I wonder what he is running from?

I am sure he was not happy the judge did not sentence D’Souza to prison.


I have to admit, I wondered about this when I saw this headline: Judge Rules DoJ Must Turn Over Fast and Furious Documents a few days ago.


He can still be held accountable right?


Certainly he can, although I think his ‘retirement’ (as MSNBC was calling it) was a long time coming, but the Dems wanted to see if they would control the Senate after the midterms. If the outlook isn’t good, then they can try to confirm his successor before the new Senate takes office.


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