Eric Jon Phelps author of the Vatican Assassins


Eric Jon Phelps is author of famous book “Vatican Assassins” where talks about the “real” history of the Jesuits order and how they are trying to make the New World Order. He also believes the earth is flat. What do you think of this man and his work?


Hasn’t he ever been in a plane. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have


Well I think google is the more likely to be starting the New World Order.


He sounds like a typical conspiracy theory loon.


He like Jack chick but less famous


He did podcast “proving” that the earth is flat


Ten seconds of Google shows he’s also a racial separatist. Seriously, don’t waste your time with these weirdos. Just let them yell into the wind.

They have tiny collections of disaffected losers who listen to them, but otherwise they have no influence on anything.


What exactly was his proof



I’ve not found any best seller list that contains this book, it appears to be self published on Amazon.

Wikipedia says A notable source of modern conspiracy theories involving the Jesuits is Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.[13] It is said to allege Newt Gingrich is “one of the ten most dangerous, Jesuitical politicians of the Pope’s ‘Holy Roman’ Fourteenth Amendment, Cartel-Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist American Empire” and that the Jesuits played a role in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.[14] Skeptic Bob Blaskiewicz also claims that Phelps told him the alleged “Grey aliens” are not aliens but creations of Jesuit science.[15]

Pretty safe to say this is a fringe theory at best.


We all know the earth is flat, why haven’t penguins fallen into space yet?





I’m no a flatearther. But uses a science from people who believe that earth is flat and the bible. It is crazy…and stupid.:rofl:


My mistake. Sorry


Obviously not someone to even be considered.




Did I forget he also believes the alien Grey’s are the creation and under the control of the Jesuits order with secret tech that gives people cancer and more! :rofl:




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