Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral rocked by accusations involving abortions and vasectomies



Oh My Goodness:eek: How disgusting.


I hope this is stopped.


I never heard of this guy but I am not sure how anyone could follow him anyway.


He has been around for as long as I can remember, and I am 66 years old! He has a TV program that’s been around forever that broadcasts his services in NE Ohio. His “signature” is his healing service where he lays hands on people and they fall down and are “healed.”

Sadly, he has become a sort of a joke for many, and now this……


Familiar with him - used to be on all the protestant/evangelical TV stations back when I was younger and had paid time on regular stations sometimes.

Always did a lot of faith healing - was originally a Baptist before becoming a Pentecostal.

Owns a 747 he bought from the Saudi Royal Family.


Heard of him, now that I saw a picture, I know I have seen him on TV. So these things seem to happen to many Churches. Just check the headlines.


All I know about Ernest is that the late Robin Williams had a skit lampooning him as Ernest Angry. Very funny, but I had no idea about the man’s sexual proclivities.

There is a real Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) in San Francisco.


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