Ernest Angley


Anyone familiar with this televangelist? He’s got a big church here in Akron, Ohio, and apparently was at one time pretty famous (or infamous). Anyone know about his relation to Catholics or other Christians? He has a website, but I didn’t see anything rabidly anti-Catholic. Take a look:


Before I was “convinced” I read his book “Rapture, Rapture, Rapture” in the 70’s…I believe it’s an older book from the 50’s or 60’s. Fundamentalist dispensationalist…gruesome book depiciting the “tribulation.”

Not too much more I know about him.


Back when I was a Charismaticostal, I used to run across his program on TV every now and again. Ugh–the way he presented himself made me want to change channels at light speed. I can’t describe it or quantify it, but there was something about the man that just repulsed me, and I don’t say that about many people.


I wasn’t sure if he was fundamentalist or evangelical, maybe he’s both. Fundamentalist seems to fit, I used to work with a guy who attended his church, they don’t listen to music, swear, drink, smoke, etc.etc. in a way typical of fundamentalism.

So, is this guy just a typical quack? Honestly, I never hear much about him unless I’m actively seeking info. Hinn, Van Impe, Roberston, etc. are the big guns, so to speak.


This thread made my day !!
Mah goodness, good lawd, Ernest Angley !!!

He has got to be one of the most comical-looking characters in fundy tv-dom. He’s not on here in South Florida, but when I lived in Tampa many years ago his program was carried on one of the tv stations. He seems to have no neck and apparently wears a full-bodied toupee. He claims that “the Lowerd a-spoke ta me when ah was sevin years owld” and called him to the ministry.

He is a real character. I used to crack up laughing at his antics and preaching. He must be in his 80s now???
I have to laugh when I think of some of the characters
the fundamentalists follow as teachers. He’s a pill.



I am actually surprised to hear you say that, especially after reading your thread on Joyce Meyer.
She teaches that agnels tell her what to preach:
“Now spirits don’t have bodies, so we can’t see them. Okay? There probably is, I believe there is, and I certainly hope there is several angels up here this morning that are preaching with me. I believe that right before I speak some anointed statement to you, that one of them bends over and says in my ear what I’m supposed to say to you.”
(Meyer, Witchcraft & Related Spirits (Audiotape, Part 1).

She also promotes the superstitious notion that certain kinds of jewelry attract evil spirits:
"There are many different signs and emblems that people wear as jewelry that are straight from the devil, and they absolutely do not know it, and I’m quite sure there are going to be people here today that probably even have some of these things in your possession. You may even be wearing one. And what they do is they draw evil spirits."
(Meyer, Witchcraft & Related Spirits (Audiotape, Part 1).

Now, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I’ve read and admired many of your posts :thumbsup: – but just where do you draw the line between orthodox teaching and bizarre self-promotion?

**PS - I realize fully that I will now be pounced upon by the same color-phobes and apologists for Joyce Meyer that attacked me in the other thread.:smiley: **


I’m not going to attack you, but a lot of Christians believe what Joyce believes on that issue (jewelry from hell), even some Catholics, esp regarding pentacles, etc.

There is a world of difference between Joyce Meyer
and our ol’ buddy Brother Ernest.

Watch him sometime. Just make sure
you have emptied your bladder first, or your laughter
might cause you to have an accident, LOL.

God bless,


The Hosemonkey is back!
Yes, I remember that Earnest had the fakest (fakest?) rug that I have ever seen and his way of speaking just kept me in stitches(Beeeee Heeeeeald-da!!!). I was sure that he had gone to his reward long ago. Guess not.:smiley:


Here below is a link to one person’s amusing
account of attending an Ernest Angley Healing Crusade:

This is typical of how he acts. A laff riot.
Of course, only God can judge how sincere
the man really is.



**I’ve heard and seen (unfortunately) Ol’ Ernest. His program used to be broadcast here back in the 80’s. I don’**t find him or any other false teacher funny. That’s why I find Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Frederick K.C. Price and the rest so offensive. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Also - I don’t know any credible Christian sources - Protestant or Catholic who believe the superstitious jewelry tripe that Joyce Meyer pitches. It’s just plain nonsense and it’s spiritual poison.

Anyway - keep the faith.


Oh man, is that something! Kind of funny, the guy I worked with once said something to the effect that anyone who predicts the date of the rapture is a false teacher, but that Angely thinks it could happen within 10 years. It’s strange that he once DID predict the rapture!

Yes, I believe he’s in 80’s nowadays. I’ve always wondered (especially since working with the guy that attended Angley’s services), what do the people do when reverend of these kind of churches passes away? Do they find a similar church, or…?

According to Wikipedia, Angley reaches billions of people through his TV programs (keyword: reaches, not that he’s viewed by billions), but I’ve never seen his show broadcast on any channel other than the local station that sits next to his grace cathedral. Apparently he’s relatively unknown nowadays, if some people thought he was long gone?


How funny. We too thought he was a pill. I always hoped-still do- that these people are sincere even if wrong, but the humor my siblings and I got from watching him was pure.


The Cathedral Buffet on his property is good. I’ve eaten there with my family.


Once in the 80s, cartoonist Gary Larson, in THE FAR SIDE,
showed a poorly-toupeed televangelist casting demons out of a vacuum cleaner. LOL. That is the kind of thing you get with Brother Ernest Angley, and it reminds me of him !!



Omigosh, that guy is hysterical!!!
I saw him years ago, on the old Tom Snyder “Tomorrow” show. (He had a whole week of televangelists, as I recall).

Anyhow, ol’ Ernest was trying to explain that “I just barely touch people, & the power of the Holy Ghost takes them over”, & he reached out,:smiley: “Barely touched” Tom’s forehead, & like to:eek: knocked him out of his chair!!

Then he went on a long story about God calling him when he was a little boy, & he said that he was in bed one night, with the windows open, & God came in the window, and "flew me & my bed all the way to the rings of Saturn! Oh,my it was ***glo***rious!! And when he flew me back home again, I knew I had been called to preach the Gospel…Did you ever **hear **anything like that before?"
And Tom goes,:whistle: “No, sir, I think it’s fair to say I have never heard of such a thing”.
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Oh, and then when his wife died, he went on & on about how he knew he was meant to marry her when he met her, because “her name was ‘Angel’, and what could be a better name than ‘Angel Angley’???”:whacky: Ummmmm…I dunno…Jane? Martha? Frederica??? :shrug:


O-mi-gawd Ernest Angley. He’s still around???

He is one of the televangelists that my wife’s grandfather (who has long since gone to be with the Lord) faithfully contributed to in the 80s and 90s. Along with Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and a few others.

Now my wife and I were constantly telling him that if he had to give money to televangelists, at least give it to Billy Graham who was reputable. But it was kind of like
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


Friends, are you tired of the laowd-uh of your sins-uh?

Let sweet Ernest Angley-- that’s A, N, G, L, E, Y–come into your…


The ministerial majors at Samford U (big Baptist school) would race home from their evening services (usually at Briarwood Presbyterian) to watch him and giggle.

When I first saw him, I thought someone was doing a parody of TV preachers–and after about 10 minutes, I realized, “God help us! He’s for real!”

Not even Liberace himself could be this nauseating on TV, so when he came to my home town and spoke at the municipal auditorium, I thought I’d give him a try. He started the “God’s shown me there are 100 people here tonight who are going to give $1000 to this crusade,” rap and I got up and left and that point.


One of the above posts said that Angley just touched Tom Snyder’s forehead and that Snyder flew backward.
Is that true ??? I find it hard to believe that a worldly, savvy journalist and broadcaster like the late Tom Snyder would fake a fall backwards just to please Angley on a live News show.

All I know is, when I used to watch Ernest Angley on TV in Tampa 20 years ago, he used to SMACK people on the forehead really hard, and that would send them catapulting backwards while he yelled: BEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEALLLLD-a !!

One thing I’ll say FOR the guy, tongue in cheek,
and that is that he insists that HE himself has no power to
heal anyone and attributes any healings that occur
to the power of Jesus.

I’m a solid Catholic myself and I find Angley ridiculous and yes, FUNNY even though he doesn’t mean to be funny, but who knows.
They say God works in “mysterious” ways.
If he is really healing anybody thru Angley, I wouldn’t second-guess Him, but I would be very surprised. I’m still amazed
to hear that Tom Snyder fell backwards when Angley touched his forehead. That is news to me.



As to his age,
Wikipedia says Ernest Angley was born in 1921.
That would make him 86 years old now,
and he’s still going strong.

But under that toupee,
I’ll bet he’s as totally hairless as a billiard ball. :smiley:



One of the above posts said that Angley just touched Tom Snyder’s forehead and that Snyder flew backward.
Is that true ??? I find it hard to believe that a worldly, savvy journalist and broadcaster like the late Tom Snyder would fake a fall backwards just to please Angley on a live News show.

Oh, I don’t think it was Snyder faking it; I just think that Angley actually fetched him such a whack, that he couldn’t catch himself! My “just touched” was in quotes for that reason…Angley obviously does a whole lot more than barely touch people.

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