Errors in the Bible (?)

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“what kind of transcription errors are there in the bible”

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Transcription errors? These were errors that the press or computer made when printing the bible. The Bible has been translated and the New Testament especially has been preserved VERY accurately over all these years.

Many things which appear to be errors or contradictions actually are not.

A lot of what these sites report as “errors” are not errors made when printing (though some are). Errors in the bible come from multiple sources.

1.) The original sacred texts which make up the bible are written in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Aramaic. Some things are “lost in translation” because English does not have words that are 100% equal to the original language (hardly any two languages are completely compatible, not even the romance languages)

2.) The Bible was originally copied page-by-page by the hands of monks, not on printing presses. I don’t know how great your handwriting is, but I know mine gets sloppy after a few pages. Imagine writing a few THOUSAND pages per year.

3.) Original printing presses required individual letter blocks to be pieced together into words. It was very common to get what we would now call a typo.

4.) Languages constantly evolve. Compare our vocabulary today with that of William Shakespeare. Noticeable differences. Words change and take on different meanings. As we try to translate into modern vernacular we may have to “walk” the original text through an older form of a current language to reach our own grammar. Basically this procedure translates twice. Once into a more familiar language, the second into the modern tongue.

5.) The bible was not written all at once. The first 12 chapters of Genesis, for example, are not meant as “historical” stories but rather are the ancient stories of the Jewish culture that were originally passed down by oral tradition. They were written during times of captivity and exile when the Jewish people were afraid they would lose their cultural history being surrounded by other societies who had their own stories about how the world came to be.

The main point to remember is that no matter how many “mistakes” appear in the Bible, or the reason behind these mistakes, the Bible is inerrant in all things pertaining to salvation.

But some errors are just that.

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