Errors of the New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia?


I read some of the volumes of this encyclopedia and I was totally shocked when I read some entries which to me are erroneous and clear misrepresentations of Catholic teachings.

On volume 3, p. 287, 2nd paragraph, it is stated:

Christians believe in one God who is represented as a trinity, or single deity with three parts: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This statement implies that Divinity is divided by three persons (parts) and therefore every person is not wholly divine.

On volume 3, p. 287, 4th paragraph, it is stated:

The Eucharist is another rite pacticed by all Christians. The Eucharist, which some call Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper, is the consumption of bread and wine or grape juice, representing Christ’s body and blood.

The Catholic Church teaches that the Bread is truly the Body of Christ and the Wine is truly the Blood of Christ and not just representations of Christ’s Body and Blood.

I have searched for an on line edition of the encyclopedia but I haven’t found any. What I have are hard copies.


Hi W.

If these are the most serious errors you will find, then we can be thankful. Still they are errors, and I’m sure the editors would appreciate it if you could point them out. This encyclopedia has frequent editions and could make corrections in a relatively rapid manner.

For more credibility, you could quote pertinent articles from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.



You might also add that the Orthodox Church also agrees with your objections, most Protestants your first one (the membership of the World council of churches, for instance, is limited to Trinitatarians), and some (Lutherans, and some Anglicans) would join in the second objection. That way that can’t wiggle out of it by saying, “well, Catholics aren’t the only Christians.”

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