Escalation: Russian Aircraft Carrier Headed for the Mediterranean


According to the announcement, the force on its way to the Syrian shore “consists of the aircraft-carrying heavy cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, the Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser, large anti-submarine ships Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov and support vessels.” Once in the Mediterranean, according to the Telegraph, the Kuznetsov will take up position off the coast of Syria for four to five months, possibly using its complement of 20 MIG 29, 12 SU-33, and Kamov helicopters to carry out airstrikes . . .

The Admiral Kuznetsov is the only Russian aircraft carrier. According to world media, this 55,000-ton carrier is no match for the 100,000-ton US Nimitz-class carriers . . .

Meanwhile, the Mount Whitney command ship of the US Navy entered the Black Sea on October 11, and the Russian Black Sea fleet and Russian missile complexes have immediately drawn a bead on it. The Command of the US Sixth Fleet is yet to reveal the goals of the Mount Whitney’s journey. According to the US military doctrine, the Black Sea is within the US operational Sixth Fleet’s area of responsibility. But international conventions dictate that foreign ships may not remain in the Black Sea for more than 21 days.


Dear Lord,
Graciously hear us, Oh Lord. I pray for your protection of our military and Navy. We are to be friends w Russia in the last days and combine our fight against China. Let this friendship develop now. Let Trump be elected and have some positive relationship w him. Let them agree to take out Assad who gases his people. Let Russia pick leader from rebels. Get Putin to stop shooting our rebels and kurds. Let him continue to help us overcome the Caliphate that is to take over the world. Who is their 12th prophet? Who is the great Mahadi? Help us cut the head off this snake. This leader is a prophecy fulfilled. You are greater than all this God. St. Michael defend us in battle. Be our protector against the darts of the evil one. Protect your Christians who are suffering at the hands of extremist terrorists.
A revival must start from the blood of these new martyrs. Their blood soaks the sand in Syria. Forgiveness and mercy ,Lord. Please
in Jesus name


"According to the US military doctrine, the Black Sea is within the US operational Sixth Fleet’s area of responsibility. " the Black Sea is a lot closer to Russia than to the USA. So, i see it as the US escalating tensions by bringing its troops so close to Russia.


Escalation, by definition, requires two sides. Russia is doing nothing the United States would not do in a similar situation.


Should be interesting to observe how they perform.

Replenishment at sea.

Aircraft operations issues.

Dealing with weather and sea states.

Coordination and communication.

Will other countries dispatch “trawlers” to observe close at hand?


Of course, my only regret is that the Russian navy has been redeveloped more quickly to a state where it could field several more modern carriers. But of course the US and other nations will observe them just as they observe you.

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