Eschatology Books?


Can anyone tell me if there are any Church-approved books dealing with exploring the Book of Revelation? I studied Eschatology in my senior year in high school (a long, long time ago lol!) and would really like to read up on some Catholic commentary and insights. Any suggestions? Thank you so much! :)


I haven’t read it but you may want to check out ‘A New Testament commentary for English readers: The later epistles. The apocalypse’ by the noted and very well respected Catholic scholar Ronald Knox.


There is no "Church-approved" interpretation of the Book of Revelation in the sense that there is no one interpretation that is uniformly the "Catholic interpretation." The Book of Revelation is written in very enigmatic, mystical language. There is no definitive one-for-one, idea-per-image type of commentary that all Catholics are bound to accept.

That said, there are plenty of books with the nihil obstat and imprimatur which are not contrary to Catholic teaching. I think probably the most readable look at the Book of Revelation in recent years is The Lamb's Supper by Scott Hahn. Hahn looks at Revelation through the liturgy, which I think does an extraordinary job of shedding new light on both the Mass and Revelation -- two things that most of us find very difficult to grasp.

If you're looking for a book on eschatology, I like The Last Things by Regis Martin


Venerable Bede has a commentary on it. I would suggest this link:


A very good book on eschatology that I recently read is Rapture: the End-Times Error that Leaves the Bible Behind by David Currie, with forward by Scott Hahn. It goes through the oft quoted scriptures used by dispensationalists to support their pre-millennial interpretation and shows why such interpretation is wrong and not supported by the texts they claim.


Awesome, ty everyone! Yes, I was definitely looking for a commentary that was not contrary to the teachings of the Church ... I know there are a lot of widely differing interpretations out there!


Scott Hahn has a series on Revelation called "The End". It is what got my interest in Revelation.
I would also do a search on the materials that CA has available for download. Another one is "Are Catholics Left Behind" by Carl Olsen which will give you more than you ask in your question.
I believe Jimmy Akin's secret information club had an article about the dating of Revelation a short time back.


I highly recommend the Douay-Rheims Study Bible on Revelation, which is very traditionally Catholic, and loaded with great footnotes from the Early Church Fathers!


Thank you, folks - you've given me a lot to investigate. Appreciate all your advice and references! :)


I would second the recommendation of Scott Hahn's The Lamb's Supper and add Paul Thigpen's The Rapture Trap and Michael Barber's Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation



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