I have to make a work about religious life and eschatology.
I pretend to talk about the new paradigm of the Church, the new concept of eschatology. Then eschatology and the religious life (votes…) and, to finish, Religious Life and the Future City (LG 50).
thank you for your help.

? could you please clarify your question? :confused:

Yeah, I’m not exactly understanding the question. I only know eschatology deals with end times, but I have no idea what this “paradigm of the Church” thing is, or religious votes (??), or the Future City(??)

Is this a Catholic topic or general Christian topic?

Here are some good links concerning eschatology:

let me see if I can explain it better.
I am studing the relation of eschatology with Religious Life.Maybe this can help you:
(Lumen Gentium 44) «…The profession of the evangelical counsels, then, appears as a sign which can and ought to attract all the members of the Church to an effective and prompt fulfillment of the duties of their Christian vocation. The people of God have no lasting city here below, but look forward to one that is to come. Since this is so, the religious state, whose purpose is to free its members from earthly cares, more fully manifests to all believers the presence of heavenly goods already possessed here below. Furthermore, it not only witnesses to the fact of a new and eternal life acquired by the redemption of Christ, but it foretells the future resurrection and the glory of the heavenly kingdom…».
Eschatology talks about the last things. The New Testament says that Jesus started the last times (Act 2,17; 1Co 10,1; 1Pe 1,20; Heb 1,2) and, mainly, that we are living today the experience of the divine life in a tension “The Kingdom… now and not now”…
So, we can find connections between the religious votes, the religious life and eschatology, don’t you think?
And we can find connections between the Church and religious life.
Thank you

I think I understand, sort of. This “future city” you speak of is the New Jerusalem. But eschatology affects the whole church, not just the religious life.

Unless you are saying you mainly want to focus on the religious life’s role in the Church during end times. Which is a fascinating subject, but unfortunately one I know nothing about.

But I still don’t know what you mean by “religious votes”. What are these people voting about? And who is voting, the religious? Am I misinterpreting the word “votes”?

(Off topic: I do like your wording of “now, and not now”. It reminds me of something I said when I was in my early 20’s. I said that things that used to be (past times) are happening “now, but not now”. And of course everyone laughed at me because they thought that was the silliest thing they ever heard. :blush:)

I think the assignment is to explore ways that consecrated religious life is, in effect, living the life of the New Jerusalem here and now - anticipating the fulfillment of the kingdom. So (just to point out the most obvious, not to do the whole assignment) - Jesus said in the Kingdom there would not be marrying and giving in marriage but we would be like angels. Is this why religious life includes taking vows of celibacy? Etc.

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