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I am writing a statement letter to get into a clinical psychology Master’s program, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to proof-read or tell me what they think of my essay before I turn it in? Thank you!!!


Do you feel like posting it so we can see?

Also, some one just told me about for APA citation style.
For no charge they will make sure you are in compliance with their style. At least, that is what I'm told. Check it out.

Apparently, they are big on that, so anyone you quote should appear in their style of doing things. That would be impressive I think.


I probably wouldn’t recommend posting it online. One of the first things they may do with the essay is pick a quote and google it. It’s probably best not to have any hits come up.


You are right Joe!!!

I didn’t think of that. You must at all costs protect yourself and your essay.
But the citation stuff should follow APA style. There are so many different mediums you could be citing and they’re gonna want to see it in their style.


Generally, personal statements/essays as part of the admissions process don’t require citations.

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