Essential Reading?

I’ve just recently come across the writings of St. John of the Cross. What other essential reading of this particular genre am I missing? More specifically, what saints and church fathers would it be wise for me to read as an atheist leaning toward Catholicism?


St. Teresa of Avila:

The Way of Perfection
Interior Castle or the Mansions
The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus
The Letters of St. Teresa
Poems of St Teresa

Thomas Merton:

The Seven Storey Mountain

Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine)

City of God

Pope Benedict XVII - Cardinal Ratzinger

And please, waver away, we’d love to have you, eventually. Catholicism is a fabulous faith. :slight_smile:

Diary of St Faustina Kowalska.

It will boggle your mind

I simply have to put in a big plug for the works of my favourite saint, Edith Stein, Jewish intellectual and philosopher turned atheist, turned Catholic convert, turned cloistered Carmelite nun who died at Auschwitz in 1942. Three of her most popular works include Knowledge and Faith, Finite and Eternal Being, and The Science of the Cross.

Happy enlightened reading! :thumbsup:

My choice for the best and most useful book would be The Spirit of Eastern Orthodoxy by M. J. Le Guillou published 1962.

I also consider “Seven Storey Mountain” an essential read. I would also recommend Matthew Kelly’s “Rediscovering Catholicism”.

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