Estrela Report (Pro-Abortion) Back on EU Table

Right, well,

I know how you all feel about petitions, and I know how I said that I wouldn’t become the “token activist” on the forums. However, some of you may remember that on October 22nd a bill was considered in the EU Parliament, named the “Estrela Report”. Among other things, it promotes the provision of sex education to children as young as four years old, and promotes abortion as a “fundamental human right”. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily mandate any abortion policy, if passed it would have made the EU’s official stance on “reproductive rights” such that it would support abortion legislation, instead of the neutral stance they now take (neutral is better than pushing it on us, eh?). 54% of MEPs voted to send the bill back to committee that day. Now, scarcely a month later, the bill has come back, and they’re trying to pass it again. Once again, I don’t like pushing petition after petition on you guys, but I really do believe that this is worth signing. If any of you live in an EU member state, contact your MEP and ask them to oppose this. I WANTED to sign the petition myself, but for some reason they require you to put in a ZIP code and Ireland, unlike almost every other first-world country, has no such thing.

Anyway, the link is here:

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