eternal death

1056 Following the example of Christ, the Church warns the faithful of the “sad and lamentable reality of eternal death” (GCD 69), also called “hell.”

The above is from the CCC.

If the soul is immortal what does the CCC mean when it speaks of eternal death.

Hell. The death of all spiritual life. Not feeling the presence of God in any way.

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Hell’s principal punishment consists of eternal separation from God in whom alone man can have the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs

If with out God/Jesus we have no life in us how are we to survive in hell if we are separated from God who is the source of all life? If we are separated spiritually from God, and God is spirit and we are spirit creatures how do we survive spiritually in hell?

It’s in the nature of the human soul to never corrupt and so be immortal, and God’s act of creation continues, allowing it to exist according to its nature.

So one one level, the souls in Hell don’t remain outside the scope of God’s act. But, they feel an utter lack of His presence which, to my understanding, goes beyond anything experienced in this life. They remain in extreme disunion with God, obstinately, and which they irrevocably will to never repair.

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And the reason we must be “born again” or “born from above” is because, even now, we’re “born dead” so to speak, suffering from the “death of the soul” as the Church teaches that all men suffer as a result of Original Sin. This world is sort of halfway house between heaven and hell, where we have the opportunity to find God, to turn back to Him, to make the right choice this time that Adam failed to make in Eden. So that we may commune with God as was always meant to be the case, and so have “life and life abundantly” (John 10:10). “Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

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