Eternal Memory Bishop Emeritus Gerald Nicholas Dino

:cross: Please remember our Byzantine Catholic Bishop Gerald Nicholas Dino who fell asleep in the Lord November 14, 2020. He served as the Eparch of the Eparchy of Holy Protection of Mary of Phoenix from 6 December 2007 (appointed) to 7 May 2016 (retired).

Вечная память Vechnaya Pamyat


What was the purpose of this comment?

If it’s the figure of speech Jesus used, surely it’s good enough for us to use too.

May God rest Bishop Gerald’s soul.

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“Not dead but sleeping”

~Jesus’ words about a deceased child in Matthew 9:24.

I’m not going to debate this further, this is tacky. A man has died, we shouldn’t be arguing over which words someone uses to share this serious news with us.

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May God have mercy on Bishop Dino’s soul.

Rest in peace.


Blessed repose and eternal memory!

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Vichnaya jemu pamyat!

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He fell asleep on the Feast of St. Philip. I hope they will do the 40 days for him even though it ends on the Nativity.

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The phrase is “fell asleep in the Lord”.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

In my thoughts and prayers, Rest In Peace

Dude, are you really getting all pedantic and literal when the point of the thread is to pray for a deceased cleric? People are aware he’s not literally asleep. Stop trying to pick pointless arguments.

Bishop Gerald was a true shepherd who never passed an opportunity to connect on a personal level with his flock. He was a kind and personable man who knew his people well. He is missed.

Eternal memory!


Eternal memory.

I remember my priest being nervous, as during seminary, then-Msgr. Dino caught him doing an imitation . . .
:scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

It turned out that he remembered–and said that it was a good one!

I last saw Bishop Dino at our ill-fated attempt to stop for liturgy maybe a year ago. Coming back from Tuscon, we timed departure to hit Phoenix in time . . . and wondered what they were doing before liturgy. Must be important, with two bishops, three priests, and a couple of deacons.

It was Communion: they’d changed from 8 & 10 to just 9 . . .



Vičnaja pamjat’, vičnaja pamjat’,
blaženny pokoj; vičnaja pamjat’.

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May his memory be eternal :orthodox_cross:


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