Eternal Welfare and Fear of God


I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been struggling with fear of my eternal welfare. Ive been saying the divine mercy chaplet, and I still fear being turned away from Heaven. For some reason, I think I have an excessive fear of God. So much, that I can’t seem to enjoy life. I do go to confession regularly. But I honestly think my pastor is concerned that my confessions revolve around sins from the past that I keep digging up. He’s told me many times, the important thing is what I do now with the second chance God gave me. But the idea that one unconfessed mortal sin will send me to hell has me paralyzed. I keep digging and digging through my sins of the past making sure I’ve confessed all of them; and correctly. Completely ignoring the fact that I was absolved of all my sins at my first confession after coming back.

Its really affecting my life. I can’t really seem to enjoy life cause I’m fearful of my eternal welfare and fearful of God. Just that fear that there’s one sin on me and will cast me away forever. :frowning: This isn’t healthy and really no way to live. I have no idea how to get to the bottom of this. I’m slightly nervous about meeting with my priest. But I know I should. Are there any other resources that would help? Retreat? Counselor?


That is Satan at work. I had a problem when I first returned and the priest warned me it would happen. His advice was daily Mass which I did and continue to do. By doubting His forgiveness you are denying His divinity. Did He really die for us? You might find some consolation in Matt 6. You might also listen to some Father Larry Richards recordings.

Also volunteer for some ministeries they will warm you up. CRHP retreat or similar are good for a damaged soul. Your heart is hurting and sore it needs more sustenance the Eucharist heals.

Jesus I Trust inYou.


I think you need to talk to a priest. This is getting into the territory of scrupulosity. We are called to try and form enlightened, not scrupulous consciences.

Also, I will not countermand something your confessor has said.

As far as getting sent to hell for forgetting about a sin, well, it’s my understanding that you have to have malice and deliberate refusal not to confess a mortal sin and know of it, and that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

I don’t think God sends souls to hell on strict technicalities especially when the person is trying… Just do your best to examine your conscience, but you do need to talk to a priest on this.

This should not be affecting your life so much. For one thing, you have other duties and obligations to carry out besides worrying about the past.

It’d be different if you were just hard of heart or thought you didn’t need to confess these sins, but I don’t get any sense of that from your post.


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