Eternity - really eternal?


I’ve heard some Christians (Protestants) say that our souls won’t actually exist forever, but I think the Church teaching is different… does anyone know if this is covered in the Catechism? What I’ve been taught is that once a person is created, they would literally exist forever and ever, whether in Heaven or in hell. That is something that is difficult for me to understand with my mind - I can’t imagine that at all - but I love the idea of never having to leave God and our loved ones :slight_smile: also, I dont believe that God would destroy a person He created, because He made the person for Himself, and loves them… He wouldn’t want them to cease to exist. Just in the way that I imagine it… I might be wrong.

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God’s ways are so gloriously above our own that we will never understand if from our earthly standpoint. Sometimes it strains my mind to even imagine seeing God, let alone an eternity of being with him! As far as Protestant ideas of eternity…I wouldn’t pay much mind, its all a mixed bag with some truths but many stray ideas.
Pray, hope and don’t worry.


I like your signature quote, MercyMia!

God never takes a life once it is given.


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See paragraphs 1020-1050. Remember, our human understanding of this is limited. But just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it untrue!

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