Eternity wreaths


I had not heard of this term before now, but I came across this article from 1960:

Mrs. Frank Blau Jr., resourceful chairman of the Holy Day observance committee of the Milwaukee Archdiocesan Confraternity of Christian Mothers, gives us more pointers on Easter symbols...

"The circle," she adds, "is the ancient symbol of Eternity and fulfillment. The Eternity Wreath, much like the Advent Wreath, is decorated with greens (or Easter Straw) and white flowers and ribbons, white for joy and purity. White candles are used and the center may be filled with the Easter eggs. Breads baked in ring molds are also traditional.

I checked Google to see if the Eternity wreath had caught on like the Advent wreath did, but all the hits seem to be funeral-related.

Has anyone heard of these used in relation to Easter?


Nope, but new customs start all the time.


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