It just seems like a long time for a sin, ya know? :eek:


Depends on what it is.
Willful separation from God is a serious thing.
Don’tcha think? :wink:

People love to “classify” sins beyond venial and mortal…
True, God’s mercy is boundless…but the decision to separate ourselves from God ON PURPOSE…is what gets one in trouble for eternity.
People do this. Not God. God gives us every chance while still on this earth to repent.


It’s not a sin so much as an attitude. You either accept or reject God and demonstrate that by the way you live your life. God leaves the choice completely up to you.


Death sure seems to last way too long just for slipping off the side of a mountain, doesn’t it?

Some things might not fit our primitive sense of proportionality, but are a result of how human life works.



That makes sense. Thanks.


St. Gregory: “The wicked only put an end to sinning because their life came to an end: they would indeed have wished to live forever, that they might continue in sin forever for they desire rather to sin than to live.”

Once the soul has been separated from the body, the will is fixed. By offering up prayers (especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) and sufferings we can do much to obtain the grace of conversion for the dying, so that they might be taken from this world to an eternity of delight. No one is more interested in our salvation than God.



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