Ethical Business?

A bunch of nutters who aim to introduce US style Christian Fundementalist politics to the UK have been told by their bank to take their business elsewhere because of their homophobic views. Is it right to do so?

The Christian Voice is calling on Christians to boycott the bank but many people I know are seriously thinking of transferring my business to them, provided they apply the policy across the board.

This does raise issues about how much businesses should be allowed to do what they like in a democratic country, however.

Is it up to the bank to make a judgement about the beliefs and attitudes of their customers?

Personally, I think it is, I think it is up to each one of us to make a decision about what we think is acceptable and what is not. It is an really interesting paradox in this case I think, by promoting others human rites, has the bank denied human rights?

FF, I’ve got to disagree with you on this one. The article you linked did not state what the group’s views were on homosexuality. You called them homophobic. Why? Some activists call the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality homophobic, which it is not.

Even in this age of political correctness, as long as the group is doing nothing illegal, what business is it of the bank’s what they do? Would they do the same thing to a pro-life advocacy group? How about your local parish? How about your business account if they don’t like the way you voted in the last election? That’s one heck of a can of worms they just opened up, with no end in sight.

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Great minds eh? :smiley:

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