EU chief fires back at Trump for declaring the EU an enemy



Trump then said that he could not take a fully combative stance to the EU because “both” of his parents were born there. His mother was born in Scotland, while his father was born in New York.



Trump’s paternal ancestors have a contentious history with Bavaria - which is now part of Germany - that might somewhat explain his inclination to have angry feelings in regards to that country.


Actually, Trump’s father would have been born in what is now Germany if Bavaria had not deported his grandfather for avoiding his compulsory military service.

“The official notice of Trump’s deportation read: ‘The American citizen and pensioner Friedrich Trump, currently residing in Kallstadt, is hereby informed that he is to depart the state of Bavaria, or face deportation.’

“Friedrich and Elisabeth returned to New York in July 1905 during Elizabeth’s pregnancy with Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father.”


He says many things. I think it is safe to not assume that his declarations are based in fact until corroborating evidence is found.


With his mother being Scottish and his father’s side of the family with ties to Bavaria (Germany) he has strong connections to Europe.
Luckily, for us, his grandfather was deported and the family returned to New York where a little over a century later his
grandson became our 45th president.


Yes, and the avoidance of compulsory military service in order to profit through commercial endeavors has worked out well for the Trumps. :+1:


Seems to be working for the Clintons and the Obamas also.


Obama was born August 4, 1961; the U.S. military draft ended Jan. 27, 1973 when Obama was 11 - so he was never subject to compulsory military service.


Obama still avoided any military service.

I think you are being very petty and just searching for another way to bash Trump.

It really gets old hearing these tiresome complaints of posters whining about our


One person’s whining is another person’s standing up to evil.


??? Obama “avoided” military service?

I guess that’s true, in the sense that anyone who did not serve in a branch of the military “avoided” military service.

Which is to say, it’s not true.


0bama did not have to avoid military service, nor did he seek it out. We don’t know what Obama would have done had he been subject to compulsory military service. If we are going to speculate, I doubt that he would have claimed to have bone spurs at a young age.

Youre entitled to your opinion and feelings about my posts. You might consider taking a nap. I likewise have an opinion about your posts which I see no point in sharing with you.


Trump is such a dangerous, uncharitable,
national embarrassment …he’s got to go…on the upside, americsn political conservatism looks pretty good compared to this latest version of populist politics.


Amen to that!


We are still seeing the evil from the corruption in the Obama administration.

Trump is trying to clean it up.


Thank you for starting my day with a laugh. It was an interesting counterpoint to this morning’s news about Trump’s meeting with Putin.


Ironic isn’t it that a man whose grandfather was deported for evading military service is now running about shouting, ‘Make America Great Again’.


Obama was not subject to any compulsory military service, nor to the best of my knowledge was he drafted. In what way did he ‘avoid’ military service? You do not have conscription in the USA.


That is akin to cleaning up a room covered in mud by using a pressure hose connected to a canister of mud and spraying it into the room.

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