EU Declaration Tabled Demanding All Member States Recognize Same-sex "Marriage"

By Hilary WhiteBRUSSELS/LONDON, October 9, 2008 ( - Homosexual activists within the European Parliament have this week tabled a declaration demanding that all member states recognise the same-sex “marriages” and civil partnerships of all other member states. …

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Several years ago there were attempts to pressure countries like Poland to make abortion legal, attempts that fortunately failed. Now leaders in the EU may try to force every country in the EU to embrace gay marriage. Like elsewhere, especially in North America, there are powerful pressures from the elites of societies to move forward in making what Christians see as evil as good, sin as virtue, and to force the peoples of entire countries to act in accordance with this.
If nothing else, we should be praying about this, that God will protect our nation and these other nations.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the end of it. They’ll keep trying, over and over, until they get it through.

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