EU plans penalties for refusing asylum seekers


Poland’s foreign minister wondered if it was “a serious proposal”
Slovakia’s interior minister complained the proposed “fair share” system failed to respect reality
Hungary called it “blackmail” and “unacceptable”
The Czech Republic said it was an unpleasant surprise as it returned to a concept of mandatory quotas which had been rejected

The four countries were outvoted when the quota plan was agreed.

                                                  Hopefully it's the beginning of the end for the European Union


Hilarious if you think that these four countries that are among the biggest net recipients of EU aid are somehow going to go it alone for the sake of taking in just 11,000 asylum seekers between them.


And hopefully you are wrong!

The last thing the world can afford is a return to 1800s Europe, with a major war every generation. National pride isn’t worth that.



Maybe the lives of their citizens mean something to them.


The fearmongers who run the EU would like people to think that if it ever breaks up, the Czechs will go to war with the Slovaks, the Dutch and Spanish will resume the 80 Years War, the Germans will invade France, the Hungarians will fight for a greater Hungary by seizing a parts of Romania, Slovakia, and Serbia, the Swedes will fight the Danes, etc. You gotta have a good argument to keep it going :smiley:


That’s if the proposal is accepted by a majority of Governments and by the European Parliament, of course.


And they have a thousand years of history to support that position.


Might as well support the idea of a one world government then, because it’s the same story in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


Hey, I’m all for it.

But if you guys insist on adding to the heaps of human bones and miles of trench lines already defacing your otherwise beautiful continent, I’d say ok, PROVIDED that it is understood that the USA would NEVER involve itself again, no matter who is being humiliated or conquered.




Then let’s hope Angela Merkel can get the psychiatric care she needs




If only…


Such an assertion seems pretty incredible to me. The only trench worth digging would be somewhere east of Kiev. If, say, Germans aren’t willing to defend themselves against being ruled by Russia again, then why in the world would they bestir themselves sufficiently to bother with France?


To alot of Europeans, the words National Sovereignty are meaningless. Also, the differences between European countries are far greater than those between various US States.


Ridge. You need to look at what happened in Maidan Square in 2014. John Brennan, Victoria Nuland and McCain all there at the same time. 20 police were shot dead by that “liberation”. They wanted Crimea and Svasapol and Germany wanted more land to plunder.

They did the same thing in Afghanistan (CIA) and out of the Mujhadeen came Al Qeada.
Then Iraq and Libya which created ISIS. This was blowback caused by interfering and stupidity.

The point I’m making to you is that I admire the US and the people (inc the army) but the CIA, the Neocons and the various elites who are forcing States to bow to the Federal Govt (which is now a dictatorship) has done a first class job of fooling you into thinking Putin, Assad and any other foreign leader is a bigger threat than they are.


I’ll agree that the U.S. has concentrated powers in the executive excessively, which is an invitation to excess, depending on who is president. But the CIA is under the direction of the executive. “Neocons” is just an epithet loosely applied to conservatives with an interventionist bent, though it is now beginning to be applied to Hillary Clinton who is an arch-interventionist.

There are plenty of people to critique in the change of government in Ukraine, but U.S. operatives are almost certainly the least among them. It’s laughable to attribute successful adventures of that sort to American diplomats during the last 7.5 years. And, of course, there was a lot of legitimate protest in the maidan, including by Catholic priests, and shooting of innocents by the Yanukovych/Putin forces.

I would say the idea of Germany plundering Ukraine is laughable as well, since there’s nothing left there to plunder and mighty little before Russia seized the most valuable parts of it. For Putin and his cronies, owning Crimea and eastern Ukraine are a big deal. For Germany, it’s peanuts.

Libya did not create ISIS, nor did Iraq. ISIS is an offshoot of Al Quaeda from which it split over whether Sunni Islam mandated the killing of Shia as well as “infidels” of other sorts. After the jihadi groups were trounced in Iraq, ISIS moved its focus to Syria, and that mess is due to Assad, not “neocons” in the U.S.

But, of course, Obama abandoned Iraq against the advice of just about everybody, and despite the entreaties of the Sunni tribal leaders, the Kurds and the majority Sistani Shia, leaving the field open to the battle between ISIS and Iran, which everyone predicted and is now the reality.

I do not think Assad or Putin are ten feet tall. They’re not. It’s only because Obama is so ineffective that they seem so.

“Blowback” if viewed objectively, is the consequence of abandoning an objective to the enemy. Unsurprisingly, the enemy resurges.


Brilliant speech on what’s happening, from Nigel Farage The country is being flooded !


I don’t think you could have listened to the whole speech - he differentiates between migration to mainland Europe and the UK. As the UK is not part of the Schengen agreement and is not taking Syrian refugees, I assume he is talking about the country being “flooded” by Poles, Romanians and Slovaks as he used to do before he lost his seat. Perhaps the one remaining UKIP MP will develop this further.


Thanks mate. Agree with most of that except for German expansionism. The EU is a German empire and it’s becoming more dictatorial. They’ve drawn up plans for an EU army and they’re fining people for failing to take Merkel’s economic migrants.

I disagree with you about ISIS in that a lot of their funding comes from Saudi Arabia and Turkey to unseat Assad. Now though they’re out of control.

Check out E Michael Jones on youtube.


He’s spot on and most of us are aware. Time to start ignoring these virtue signallers down before it’s too late

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