EU Referendum: Massive swing to Brexit – with just 13 days to go


polling carried out for ‘The Independent’ shows that 55 per cent of UK voters intend to vote for Britain to leave the EU in the 23 June referendum


The scary thing is that the referendum isn’t legally binding, and parliament could block Brexit from happening.


if England leaves the EU where will they go?


And if they do, that’s how your system works. Why “scary”?


I guess some there think they can row it out into the Atlantic; that makes as much sense as isolating from the EU.

BTW, “Britain” != “England”



Hopefully the same place that Switzerland is already at.


From what I have heard, Switzerland is very democratic in its use of referendum. A big problem with the EU mindset is that it doesn’t really much like democracy.
A Parliament that would subvert the will of the people would be a very EU thing to do.


Yep. Pretty much.


Wall Street.


Your comment made me smile. The United Kingdom (not just England, there are 4 countries involved) will be in exactly the same place as it is already! I’m pretty sure the country doesn’t have motors that we can sail to another place with :smiley:

As for the referendum… a vote either way probably doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen and there have been lot of scare tactics used on both sides!


I am kind of hoping that they leave the EU now because Scotland would want another referendum on Independence, and chances are they will vote yes to leave. It could also lead to Irish unity because if there is no Union left whats the point in staying with England and Wales.


I think Scotland will probably have another referendum for independence regardless of the referendum to stay/leave the EU. Although Nicola Sturgeon (sp?) has a lot of support and she is a vote to stay campaigner


Most likely there will be another referendum regardless of outcome but a leave vote will set precedence for one being held as soon a possible. The SNP want independence more than anything but not at the expense of being dragged out of the EU.

Even though I want the Union to dissolve myself I will be voting to remain in the EU.


I didn’t realise Ireland were voting? (But my knowledge of politics is very small!)

I’m not sure how I’m voting. :shrug:


I learned that the hard way when I was dating my Welsh wife. I once referred to her as English and the relationship almost ended then


I live in the North of Ireland that is still apart of of the UK, so we get the vote to.

You still have time to choose which side to vote for.


Yes of course Derry is in NI!! (sorry put it down to baby brain!)


I think they will sink into the ocean and reemerge someplace close to China. :eek:

How old is the EU? 10 or 15 years?

To refresh your memory England was a world power for more than a 1000 years until the day they became irrelevant and a footnote when they joined the EU.

Perhaps leaving will return England to relevance and kill the foolhardy EU experiment. :thumbsup: :slight_smile: :smiley:

 Yes, it is true that a vote in favor of the United Kingdom will trigger another Scottish Referendum it is also true the the United Kingdom leaving the EU will be very harmful to Ireland's economy.  England is Ireland's largest trading partner.  If the UK does leave the EU Irish goods will no longer be tariff free and Irish exports to the UK will suffer.  Northern Ireland will also be hurt.  Right now the Irish are able to travel back and forth between Northern Ireland and the Republic with no problem or hassle because both the UK and the Republic are members of the EU.  With a Brexit the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic will be enforced like it was before the EU and that is not a good thing.  
 It is only a matter of time before the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are one country.  Within the next 12 to 15 years Catholics will be two thirds of the population and a Northern Irish Referendum will be unavoidable.  Even with austerity the Irish economy has shown itself to be resilient and strong.  Economically the Republic will have no problem absorbing Norther Ireland.  
 England and Ireland are now allies.  It is important that this relationship continue to develop and grow.  The relationship will grow stronger if both countries remain in the EU.


There is nothing to keep the UK from cutting new deals with Ireland and other European countries should the UK leave the EU. You can bet it will happen, there is too much trade and other exchanges between the UK and Ireland or the UK and Spain, to name a couple of examples.

The EU is dying anyway. Will take a few more years before it becomes obvious to the supporters as well as the detractors. The UK voters have a choice: do they want to go down with the EU ship or do they want to go their own way?

The real problem with the EU is that it has become an undeclared and unelected dictatorship ruled from Brussels that has blatantly disregarded the voters’ wishes in several countries, that is blatantly disregarding the wishes of the eastern European countries to protect their own populations from the current migrant crisis, that wants to impose a financial tax regime on the UK that will rob London of its role as a major world financial center, that suppresses free speech regarding the migrant problems, that has imposed its financial and tax regime on the poor countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain as the price for staying in the EU, and so on. It should not surprise anyone that in the face of the rule of Brussels that both leftist and rightist nationalist movements have come to life all over the EU and have won unprecedented percentages of voters at the polls.

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