EU to Eliminate "Mrs." and "Miss" in Favor of "Gender Neutral"

By Hilary White BRUSSELS, March 18, 2009 ( - Officials of the European Union have issued a booklet for EU Parliamentary staff, saying that the use of “Miss” and “Mrs” for women, as well as such terms as “statesman” and “fireman,” are…

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C’est juste ridicule, Mademoiselle!

If the French and the Germans and Spaniards sit back and allow Mademoiselle, Fraulein, and Senorita to be banned, they are just a bunch of wimps!
Or is that a banned word too?

No, but use the word wimpette and the thought police will be banging down your door.

It is time we start looking at rejecting the authority of much, if not all, secular governments. Their perverse “Positive Laws” are an affront to God’s Natural Law and thus are becoming close, if not already there, to being unjust.

I am in the process of reading a book. It is not what I expected. It shows why we Catholics are now so accepting of the secular edicts. It is opening my eyes to what happened (54% voting for BHO) since the 1950’s and has allowed me to understand why we as Catholics MUST return to our Catholic identities and away for the “generic religious” identities that are now taught in our parishes and society.

The Decline & Fall of the Catholic Church in America
David Carlin

I never paid much attention to what Gloria Steinem’s movement was compared to the various other similar movements. However, despite my skepticism about some politically correct terms like “waitperson,” I am grateful to Steinem for popularizing the title Ms. It saves me the irritating task of having to figure out someone’s marital status, which rarely makes any difference to me.

I think I have seen this book at my parish’s Shrine Gift Shop. Will stop in there after 9:30 EF Mass on Sunday.

I personally feel I am being insulted when my title of MRS is not used in correspondence. The minute I see this I throw the envelope away. I also will not answer when people say mzzzz instead of MRS.

I do sometimes (yes I know it is wrong) use the mzzzz when I want to insult another person.

So that’s worse than if others guess it’s Miss Elsie? People may just assume your hearing is defective if you don’t answer when they’re talking to you.

I am reading a small portion each night and then thinking about what I have read.

Adding this to something a priest gave me has made what has happened to the Catholic Church a lot clearer.

Rogers and the IHM Nuns:Sensitivity Training, Psychological Warfare and the “Catholic Problem”.

Me too. I have been known to make businesses reprint documents (ie airline tickets) that have Ms. instead of Mrs. (or Miss before I was wed). :thumbsup:

I grade papers and when a student puts Ms. on the cover page when listing the instructor (me) it gets flagged as an error. They all know I am married from my bio so there is no excuse.

Well, I don’t know about Elsie but here in Texas, it seems to be traditional to refer to all women as Miss Firstname which I have no problem with. :smiley:

Well I don’t know about Germany, but in Spain and France any woman is referred to as ‘Señora’ or ‘Madame’ regardless of marital status. Those other terms are reserved for very young children.

Anyway, when did ‘discouraged’ = ‘banned’? :confused:

Some of the suggestions sound a little bit silly, but I don’t really see why a woman’s title needs to indicate her marital status in the first place. Unfortunately ‘Ms’ does sound a little painful to the ears. :o

C’est tres stupide, aussi! :wink:
(Even Crackers can get that far in French.)

More confirmation that Europe’s heading down the collective drains of society…
It’s probably headed our way next, though.

But how are the Germans going to sing their national anthem?

“…deutsche… (what???)… deutsche treue”

They have a problem, I think.

The use of Miss is still a polite form. I was raised in the south and called most of my older friends Miss (insert first name).

This reminds me of what a priest once said, “Making everything the same is like leveling the mountains and paving over the valleys to make a parking lot.” His point was that it’s the differences that make life beautiful and when you pave over that you’re left with something very plain and dull.

Excuse me: “waitperson” is intolerably speciesist; the correct term is, apparently, “waitron”.

Source of info: “The Serpent on the Rock”, by the late lamented Alice Thomas Ellis. It is written from a “traditional” POV, & is very funny :slight_smile: “Ms.” is a barbarism - it’s not quite as bad as the gross bodily harm committed upon the English language that is exemplified by “ovarimony”, but quite bad enough.
]Person is “sexist”,as are all words including “man”
]“Old” is “ageist”, as is "y
]Words describing health or the supposed lack of it are “body fascist”
]All words hinting at any difference between animals & us are “speciesist”
]The words b
k & w
**e are “colourist”, so to talk of “greenmail” is probably no longer good enough
[/LIST]Once colourism, sexism, speciesism, body fascism, & all comparable "-ism"s are done away with, it may be difficult to speak at all. There will of course be robot rights; & probably “humimal” rights too. :cool::eek::eek::eek:

“Thingoids of the pluriverse, arise - you have nothing to lose but your unthoughts” :eek:

I’ve been a bit reticent about addressing this issue – bit of Euro-nonsense (suggested behavior, not ‘orders’) reported by LifeSiteNews (which often makes the Daily Mail seem vaguely sensible) with the expected response of the ‘usual suspects in the defence of what all right-thinking know to be true and good’. :slight_smile:

Then I thought about it a bit.

Having passed the point (somewhere in my early 30’s, I think it was in my case) where one is assumed to be a Mrs rather than a Miss: “Your name? - “Kaninchen, Ruth Kaninchen.” - “There’s a Mrs Kaninchen to see you Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Smith.” I can’t say I lie awake at nights worrying about it.

Except there are times when I really am bothered. I’m one of those people who spent a number of years getting to the point where I’d become ‘gender neutral’ and, if I’m not referred to in ‘gender neutral’ terms, I’ve been known to get rather miffed. In official and professional circumstances, if you called me Mrs Kaninchen, you’d get the response, ‘That’s Dr Kaninchen.’

Now, being ‘Dr Kaninchen’ in daily life has always seemed rather pretentious to me but many people are more ‘aware’ of things like that, they take it personally and they’re allowed to. A lot of it is cultural – English lends itself to the both the pretentious and non-pretentious – but many other languages don’t.

Italian, to take just one example, is a language of important specifics and significances that have no meaning to English-speakers or their English-speaking world. In Italian, using the wrong form for addressing somebody as ‘You’ is a bit offensive. If you don’t know somebody well (or if they’re your boss, for example), you say ‘Lei’, if you know them well, you say ‘Tu’ (it would be Sie und du, in German). In English, if you’re a teacher, you’re a gender-neutral ‘teacher’, nobody uses ‘schoolmaster’ or ‘schoolmistress’ anymore. In Italian, the alternatives (for High School teachers) are Professore or a Professoressa (Italian is so precise in its putting people in their place that teachers of younger children are ‘Maestro/Maestra’), so Italian women teachers have moved more and more into using Professore, the male term, rather than Professoressa which, traditionally (quite possibly from the days of different payscales) has suggested a ‘lesser’ position.

Different cultures have their own linguistic and social minefields. The EU has 25 countries, some share languages (England and Ireland, Germany and Austria) but most don’t. Women’s history and social position in those countries are remarkably different. So, if some MEPs would prefer not to be referred to as Mrs or Miss, then why on earth not? If the EU suggests to its staff that it should avoid possible minefields, then why not? So, the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and others of the more excitable press, together with a whole chorus of American ‘usual suspects’ of the blogosphere and message boards, have some harmless fun, what of it?

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