EU to stop changing the clocks in 2019


Finally, a good idea from the EU.


Bush II was awful. One of the many awful things he did was signing the law making DST even longer.

Interestingly there seems to be good evidence that DST actually causes deaths and injury. If government really cared about us then you’d think the practice would not be imposed on us.


Suddenly I like the EU!

DST year round please!!!


I want whichever one we have in summer. Then I don’t have to get up so early for work :slight_smile:


Wow, good idea, EU!

I’m sure the clock-changes are good for golf courses, Little League, and the like.

But everyone else… blah, no thank you. Pick one time, and stick with it.




This brings up a question as to whether or not mortal sins are dependent on time zones. Suppose for example in your area it was a mortal sin to eat meat on Friday. Then across the street there is an IN and OUT which is in a different time zone, so it is not Friday across the street, but it is Friday in your time zone. Then if you walk across the street and buy and eat a hamburgher it is not a sin. But if you had bought a hamburger on this side of the street it would have been a mortal sin.


It’s midnight. You should be in bed asleep


In the US, crossing from one time zone to another usually involves crossing a state line. :wink: Up until 1883, however, locations were allowed to set their own local time, based on the sun, the seasons, whether there were any railroads passing through, and so on. After 1883, time was standardized into four main time zones.

I do remember a Solanus Casey anecdote. He had traveled from New York to Detroit (?), which was roughly a 20-hour journey by train. When he arrived in Detroit, it was already early Sunday-- and that was back when they kept the midnight fast to go to communion. He said, “It’s still Saturday night in New York!” and had something to eat before he went to bed.


Dst? Or switching back and forth?


Switching back and forth. But DST is unnatural. Noon should be the point in the day when the sun is at its highest point. Already with the creation of time zones we stray significantly from that. For instance where I live true noon is 12:30. When we are in DST it is 13:30. It is worse than that for people living to the west of me.

To me DST is just a trick. If people want more daylight hours they should wake up earlier.


They were talking about doing that here in Florida last year i believe. It seemed a popular proposal I read but apparently the Feds needed to approve before Florida could move forward on the idea. I was hoping it would happen but haven’t seen anything further on the proposal.


That seems like a terrible idea for Florida. Florida is a huge vacation destination, particularly in Winter. You would have the state be an hour off from the entire east coast during that time. As a result I imagine the travel industry would oppose this and win.


You really think having to set your watch to Florida time when you get off the plane is going to keep anybody from going to Disney World or Daytona Beach? If I recall, part of Florida is already in the Central Time Zone, and I don’t think that’s stopped anybody from visiting Pensacola or Panama City.


I dont think it would stop anyone, but people would find it highly annoying. The airlines in particular would hate it.



Arizona doesn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time at all, but I’ve never heard of an airline complaining about flying to Phoenix.


Just because you’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue. The average person isn’t going to necessarily know about the issues. But the time change from DST certainly do impact airlines. They have to adjust their schedules to account for the loss/addition of time. This impacts some flights and airports more than others. Airports with less slots will be impacted more.


I hear they will be running off Saudi time.


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