Eucaristic Miracles a book review

I finally got this book by Joan Carroll Cruz after waiting several years I also have the Inncoruptables written by the same author. I like the Inncoruptables a lot. But Eucharistic Miracles I am not so sure about.

This book starts with a story of Jewish men paying someone to steal the Sacred Host to bring to them and they proceed to stomp on them and abuse them in other ways. This makes no sense because Jewish people do not believe that the Host is the body of Christ and would have no reason or incentive to stomp on and abuse the Hosts.

This offends me because I am Jewish on my Dad’s side which makes me non-Jewish, but I am offended none the less. Does anyone know if the Good Friday liturgy still speaks of "the Jews and their perfidious lies?
Later in the book there is a town mentioned that has passed between Poland and Russia. The author calls the Russian Orthodox ‘schismatics’, since I am Russian Orthodox I am offended there as well.

The question on who schismed from whom is debateable, depending of course which side you are on.

I have not had a single response to this post, and I understand why. When I wrote the OP it was late at night. And it is gibberish. I can hardly figure it out and I wrote it.

I wrote the OP when I had finished the book, I was exhausted. But I still wanted to write this when Eucharistic Miracles was fresh on my mind. An obvious mistake.


I have read this book.
My Catholic mother called some of the stories I shared with her medieval superstition if I remember correctly.
I was more impressed than she was.
It is my considered opinion that many traditions can point to miracles. The skepticism necessary to dismiss one traditions miracles if applied to other traditions would dismiss them as well in MOST cases. I have no need to explain away Eucharistic miracles or Marian miracles. I agree some of what is expressed in that book is at least a little problematic, but as a whole I thought I would view them quite positively where I Catholic.
Charity, TOm

Hi. I just found this thread a little while ago, and I think you’re being much too critical of your original post. It may not win any Pulitzer Prizes, but it isn’t bad at all. (And in case you think I’m just being nice, I’m someone who’s continually amazed at the amount of garbage on discussion forums.)

True. And, the way I see it, I’m a cradle Catholic so regardless of whether my ancestors did right or wrong, centuries ago, I myself did not “schism” from the Orthodox Church.

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