Eucharist Adoration on the internet


What do you think of Eucharist Adoration on-line? It was in another thread and I wanted to get your thoughts. I actually think that this is a great idea and really had a profound effect on me when I first viewed it.


Doesn’t EWTN have this on TV? If so, does the method matter?


Thank you for sharing! While I think it is better done in the physical presence, I can see where this would be most beneficial when one can’t actually get to be there in person. I have bookmarked the site, this would be great for some of my patients.


You’re not gazing at the Eucharistic Lord.

You’re gazing at a PICTURE of the Eucharistic Lord when you do this, which is not the same thing.

It might be better to contemplate a classic icon.


I agree with you.


I think if they are filming the benediction, it could be helpful to people in learning what to expect when they go in person. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it instead of going in person.


I think that it is important to view the Eucharist in person. My only comment was that if you cannot get there and would like to take a minute or more to pray at home, work etc. this is not a bad site.


I have always found Eucharistic Adoration online to be spiritually beneficial. The live video feed is best.


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