Eucharist Adoration online


I am trying to find out how appropriate it is to listen to mass and the rosary online while at work. I also have had Eucharist adoration online but feel it may not be appropriate because I’m not devoting all my concentration on the adoration of the Body of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.
Also I really feel good listening to mass and the rosary on ewtn while I work but don’t know if this is good because I, again, am not really concentrating totally on what is happening.


There’s nothing wrong with having the Mass, adoration, or the rosary going on while you’re doing something else (assuming, that is, that you are not in church at the time). For Therese of Lisieux one might say that prayers often acted as lullabies as she tended to fall asleep while they went on around her. The problem might be that your boss may not appreciate distractions in the workplace or appropriating company equipment for personal use. If you’re self-employed or if your boss does not mind you being online during work hours and playing recordings in the office, then there isn’t a problem.

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