Eucharist Adoration


What is Eucharist Adoration? What does one do and where does he go to do it?


Simply, Eucharistic Adoration is placing yourself in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, either exposed (in a monstrance) or in the tabernacle for prayer or meditation.

You can go to any Church or chapel with a tabernacle. Many parishes have special adoration chapels where the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance is set out for prayer either 24/7 or during certain hours or days. People are scheduled for certain times, usually an hour, so that there is constant coverage. Other people can “drop in” and join the scheduled adorers. Other parishes, mine included, schedule Holy Hours of Adoration with prayer and music included. These end with a benediction (blessing).

When you go, you can pray, read Scripture, or just be in Jesus’ presence.


Sounds so wonderful!! I just wish I wasn’t so nervous or shy to go.


Oh, do go! :smiley: It’s such a blessed experience. It’s mainly about you and God- the other people in the room don’t matter. They just sit (or posture themselves in other ways, at times) and quietly pray, too.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can sit in the back. But it’s about you and our Eucharistic Lord.


oh, wait a minute, I thought you kneel in front of the tabrenacle? You’re saying that you kneel at the benches? confused


You can kneel or sit. Or stand. It’s about your own meditation before the tabernacle. You can be at a pew or bench near it or further back, kneeling or otherwise. You can choose your own posture and location.


Thanks Lief. I feel so stupid. I always thought one went directly next to the tabernacle and knelt down for about an hour, praying directly before the tabernacle.

So this can be done at any time? Any hour preceeding a Mass?

sorry for all the questions, my mind’s been in the gutter for so long I’ve nearly forgotten everything! :frowning:


No problem at all :). I’m glad to help.

Yeah, I think you can do it at any time besides Mass. You can at my church. I bet the others are the same about this.


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This is probably going to be a long one, but I think it will be worth it… :extrahappy:

Eucharistic Adoration is among the greatest gifts that we as Catholic Christians have been given by God. Eucharistic Adoration, as well as simple Exposition (we can discuss the diference later, but for now, we will just say they are one in the same), is the ONLY chance you will ever get to be in the presence of Jesus Christ. I personally have had many powerful experiences while in Eucharistic Adoration.

Eucharistic Adoration is a time for you and God to talk. There are several ways you can talk to God, just use whatever is comfortable. Many people, especially those new to Eucahristic Adoration will be more comfortable with a structured approach. Structured apporaches can be anywhere from praying the Rosary, to praying a series of Hail Marys or Our Fathers meditating on the meaning of the prayers.
You can also have a simple conversation with God. This is done by simply starting with something like “Lord, I know you are here with me, I ask for your guidance in my life, protection and direction while I go forth to follow Your Will.” Or anything that comes to your mind to start off the conversation. You then go into just acting as if you were sitting there with Jesus right next to you. Say a prayer dealing with whatever is on your heart, and then sit and listen to God’s response. While God’s response is not normally audible (there are some cases of audible responses), you will have to just trust the feeling in your heart.
The final way to participate in Eucharistic Adoration is to simply sit and meditate on the presense of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
While there are NO rules on participating in Eucharistic Adoration, these are just guidelines for common ways of participating in Eucharistic Adoration.

While Eucharistic Adoration is a very powerful experience, you may or may not have a powerful reaction to the experience every time, and normally not on your first time. You have to reach a stage where you are comfortable with and believe in the true presense of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Some popular outward signs of having been touched in Eucharistic Adoration include, but are not limited to:
-Uncontrollable crying (normally you will not know why you are crying)
-Uncontrollable laughter (normally you will not know why you are laughing)
-Sense of peace, or a heavy load having been lifted off you
-Speaking in tongues (rare, and very powerful. you will rarely realize you are speaking in tongues and will typically not know the language you are speaking, usually will be a Biblical language).

If you find yourself having a hard time believing in the true presense of Jesus Christ, I would recommend the book Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz
Available through Borders, Amazon, and most other bookstores.
(NOTE: Lifeway Christian Stores will not carry this book as they do not carry ANY Catholic material due to misconceptions about the Catholic Church.)


Eucharistic Adoration is nearly important as Mass itself, and goes hand in hand with it. The third in this “Holy Trinity” of devotions is devotion to Mary, especially the Rosary, Scapular and Miraculous Medal. Try to get a Holy Trinity everyday: a Mass, Rosary, and at least 15 minutes of quiet time in Adoration. Just like you need the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, i believe–as do many–you need ALL THREE of these to be complete. Actually, its fairly easy to get these all in one trip. Get to Mass early for a group Rosary and stay after for at least 15 minutes of Adoration. Or perhaps the other way around. Trust me, this combination is UNBEATABLE. You should fall in love with each one of these types of prayer. GOD BLESS! :):):slight_smile:


hi brethren,
eucharistic adoration, for me at least, in the most plain explanation, means REALLY BELIEVING in the presence of Jesus in that tabernacle in front of you, and conversing with him as if HE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Telling him everything(and I do mean everything on your mind and in your heart).

As plain as that. Of course there are many levels of deeper adoration but as for me this is it. I tell Jesus ALL and EVERYTHING that is on my mind, CONFIDING in him, OFFERING all that I FEEL, all my failures, all my accomplishments(whether great or small).

Just converse with him, Let it all out.

The Least


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