Eucharist Adoration


Please can someone tell me how & what do you do?

thank You in advance


It’s prayer…being physically present with Jesus in the Eucharist. I have an hour that I set aside each week…I go in, genuflect, and then usually sit down. In my hour, we start with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, then the rest of the time is silent prayer. After I pray the Chaplet, I will usually write in my prayer journal, then spend some time just being with Him. It’s had enormous benefits for me, and since my life revolves around three small children, adoration is sometimes is the ONLY time that I can truly focus on our Lord.

It’s something I highly recommend to anyone who wants to enrich their prayer life. There has also been a marked increase in vocations in parishes where Eucharistic Adoration is available. :thumbsup:


Thank you.

my parish says you sign up. what do i sign up for?


you sign up for the day of week and hour you will be there for adoration.

You could also bring the bible and meditate on something that relates to the liturgical season.

You can say the rosary, quietly meditating on the mysteries of the rosary you are saying.

I spend time thanking God for sending His Son to redeem us. I spend time going over my life and thinking where I go from here. I also just tell Jesus my problems, my hurts, and couldn’t he please let me win the lottery - I’d give half to the church and charity! (just joking this last part). I also talk with Him about my fears and concerns for the world, the direction this country is going into, and asking what else can I do to stop these abortions. Then I spend time just being quiet. I have found myself many times being there for up to 3 hours - the time goes so fast.




I have never talked to God for that long straight. I wouldn’t know what to say.

Thank you, that is inspiring.


Sometimes at Adoration I don’t say anything at all, but just spend that time with Jesus :slight_smile:


I sometimes wrtie in my journal or pray the LOH


i like the Angelus and pray it sometimes.

looks like the signups are only in the day when i work. maybe a parish closer to my work and i could go during my lunch hour.


Lots of things. Sometimes I pray silently to Jesus, sometimes I just sit and listen to the wonderful silence to see if Jesus speaks to me. I also make sure to bring my rosary, bible, missal, and sometimes whatever spiritual reading book I have. My priest always smiles at me when he sees my armory of books when I go to adoration because he does the same thing. We have 1st Fridays & Saturdays so I love my quiet time with the Lord and try to make the most of it.


I usually sit in silence, eyes closed… and bask in the Presence of Our Lord; hoping that He might have something He wants to say. I listen. If my mind starts to wander, I will open my eyes… and fix my gaze on Him.

Sometimes… I pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, too. But mostly, I try to listen.

God bless you.


Thank you.

What are you looking at when you have your gaze fixed on Him?


The Blessed Sacrament. Usually, exposed in a monstrance during Adoration. Or, if not… you can fix your gaze on the Tabernacle. We can’t see Him, inside the Tabernacle… but He can see us! :wink:



is it ok to touch Him?


i’m sorry if that was the wrong thing to ask. i just think it would be nice to touch Him. but i understand if it is not allowed.


No, sorry, touching is not allowed.

Usually when I go, I will genuflect. (This genucflection has both knees on the floor) then I will kneel for a little while in prayer, asking Him to help me keep focussed and telling Him the things on my heart. Then I will usually sit for a while. Sometimes I will write in my journal. Sometimes I will do an examination of conscience if I know I will be going to confession sometime soon. Sometimes I will pray from the Liturgy of the Hours. Sometimes I will read a reflection and reflect. Sometimes I will just sit. And listen. And pray.

I find that the distractions go by the wayside when I am there and that the time FLIES.

I kneel in prayer again before I go, genuflect and leave.

Sometimes I spend only a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so. THere is a parish neaby that has Adoration in a special chapel 24/7. It is a wonderful, peaceful place to go. I may try to go this evening.


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