Eucharist Adoration


I have never been and wanted to go tomorrow. I would like suggestions on what to do. Do I just kneel and pray? Can I sit and pray? God Bless


Hi, :slight_smile: yes you can either kneel or sit and pray. You can also bring spiritual reading if you want, you can pray the Rosary, or anything you want! THe only thing you ‘have’ to do in Adoration is genuflect when you come in. that is all :slight_smile: the rest is up to you and God :wink: it’s a really wonderful peaceful time with the Lord, I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

God bless!


You can do whatever you want, but since one is in the presence of Christ during adoration, I do what I would if I was with him in the Garden of Gethsemane, I just listen.


In Eucharistic Adoration you are with your best friend.

Aknowledge His Holy presence, know that He is truly there with you, and just enjoy
the peace that He brings you by being so close to you.
Talk to Him, tell Him what bothers you, ask Him to increase you Faith,
Tell Him to take charge of your difulties and problems, ask him to help you
recognice Him in the person that you so dislike, or perhaps pray for the needs of
a hateful coworker.
Do not forget that This special friend of yours is very powerful, and should you ask Him
with Faith He would do anything you ask Him.


What a gift adoration is!

When I am able to go, I usually begin by kneeling in prayer. After that, i sit. I may pray the Liturgy of the Hours at that point, I might read a reflection and reflect. If I’m planning on going to confession sometime soon, I will examine my conscience. Often i will bring my journal and write in there anything that particularly strikes me. If I am trying to discern something, it seems to work out so easily like that. Sometimes I just sit and listen. Before I leave, I will kneel again. I’ll thank Jesus for this time together. If I remember, I’ll say an Act of Contrition.

Mostly I see other people reading while they are there, but you will also see some just sit, others say the rosary…



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